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Holy Testimony

Holy Testimony

40-day fast 2024

31 January 2024 – 10 March 2024

During this year’s holy 40-day fast, the nation is making an emphasis on the importance of cutting out white sugar from completely from our diets. This includes any refined sugars, even brown sugar. We strongly urge the nation to begin then process of eliminating any sugar that is not natural from our diets, for many reasons that Brother Big Levi has already mentioned in his videos, along with with multiple other testimonies from the nation. Please read this article by the beloved sister Mama T called “Sugar Fast.” It is very well written and the sister present clear and major benefits as to why sugar elimination has worked for her in her own personal endeavours, and why it will also work for the rest of the nation.

With Peace, Integrity, and Strong Will,

Brother Devin ♀

11 February 2024

Shalom Bro Devin please find enclosed some photos of old map that should be shown to the nation for whatever knowledge can be revealed to them APTTMH from the Bro Natural by Law thank you

Shalom Beloved,

Hope all is well. Here are digital art depictions of the 12+ tribes that the children created and wanted me to share with you. The names of the Nation are at the top of the pictures in accordance with the order of the art depictions. Great glory to the MH!



Zebulun, Asher, Benjamin, Dan, Dinah, Ephrayim, Gad, Issacar, Joseph, Judah, Levi, Mannesah, Naptahli, Rueben, and Simeon

22 April 2023

Shalom brother Devin I took this picture a couple of months ago.

Please share with the family MLMR.

Queen Mommie 

08 April 2023

From The Weather Channel Android App: Turf Ripped Away On High School Football Field By Arkansas Tornado


-Queen Mommie

06 March 2023

From The Weather Channel Android App: Whiskey Fungus Fueled By Jack Daniel’s Blankets Tennessee Community


Download The Weather Channel app

For iOS download: https://c00.adobe.com/v2/us/c6c392fa-1f93-4812-8682-24dd050b49c1/webfooterI/i/295646461

For Android download: http://c00.adobe.com/9933ac58-35d5-41b5-80a8-93f2a0ff4ca1/webfooterA/g/com.weather.Weather

This is what happens when you steal Yasharala’s blessing and call it yours psalms 83 Confederates ⏰.

Please share with the nation brother Devin 💞.

Queen Mommie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 APTTMHGY 

I found this on NewsBreak: Driver in Frederick crash worked for CLI Transport, hauled fuel for Sheetz 


MH is speaking about his apple 🍎 of his 👁️.

Explosion 💥 in Frederick Maryland.

Please share with the nation.

Queen Mommie 🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️

I found this on NewsBreak: Frederick family ‘in disbelief’ after home is destroyed by tanker explosion


Shalom beloved brother Devin here is more information about the explosion 💥 in my city and the house that exploded.

A family just moving to our land gets to buy a home only after living here for one year.

Queen Mommie 😡 judgement is following them.

03 March 2023

I came across this article. The United States Corporation is doomed!


Sis. Renée

Hi Bro. Devin,

My friend that lives in Salem, New Hampshire sent me a picture of what she seen as she was taking her dog for a walk. I live in southern Massachusetts which is about an hour and 20 minutes from where she lives, I didn’t see the lights from where I live, but those same “pillars” were seen in a town in North Andover, Massachusetts which is south of Dalem, NH and north of where I live! These “light pillars” were seen this past Shabbat. I believe those planets in the first picture are Venus and Jupiter which will be in conjunction of each other on March 1st or 2nd depending on where a person’s lives. I attached an article with a video in it with a meteorologist is trying to give her explanation of what those lights mean. But we already know what time it is 😏


25 February 2023

Shabbat Shalom beloved Devin I come in peace with all glory to our Mighty Father and send this message that was given to me be at peace. 

Be A Light 


The mistake of given us February as 28 day (Black History) Check it out Family 


28 days 2+8 =10 days Michael 

10 plagues 

2nd month 28days 2+2+8 =12

12 tribes 

12 apostles 

The meaning or message of 12?

What is the real meaning of February?

February comes from the Latin word februa, which means “to cleanse.” The month was named after the Roman Februalia, which was a month-long festival of purification and atonement that took place this time of year. Did you know: 

What are people born on February called?

They are either an Aquarius or a Pisces. People born between February 1 and February 18 were born under the star sign Aquarius,

We are entering the age of Aquarius

What does Age of Aquarius mean? 

In astrology, the term Age of Aquarius refers to a period of time (associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius) that is believed to bring an increase in harmony in the world.The Age of Aquarius is also a time of expanded consciousness, when we can take control of the earth and become more mindful of human rights. It’s a time of more collaboration and more connections with like-minded individuals. Some people might even feel a calling to guide others toward enlightenment. What we do know is, generally speaking, this is an age that’s associated with hope and innovation. When it last occurred, in the 19th century, it proved to be a time of revolutions in technology, industry and government. These are all Aquarian traits. 

““Where do you want us to prepare for it?” they asked. He replied, “As you enter the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him to the house that he enters, and say to the owner of the house, ‘The Teacher asks: Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?’ He will show you a large room upstairs, all furnished. Make preparations there.””

‭‭Luke‬ ‭22‬:‭9‬-‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Luke 22:10 =5 

The meaning of 5 


Purification with water 

What does mean Israel?

Basic meaning 

Cultures around the world equate water with healing and energy. People travel great distances to drink or bath in water from mountains, wells and springs that are imbued with special energy. Many people believe that water has the ability to absorb prayers, cleanse unwanted energy and bestow good medicine.

What does The Father say about water?

Water has the power to purify, to provide deliverance, and it can also destroy evil and enemies as in the stories of the Flood (Genesis 6:17) and the flight of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 14:1-15:21).

What is the Hebrew meaning of water?


Which brings us to Holy Shekina?

Who is water the term Water of Life refers to the Holy Spirit.

What does water represent in Revelation?

Thus, the metaphor of water is predominantly eschatological in Revelation with the Spirit as the eternal life-source in the new heaven and new earth.

Water give life and take life Obedience 

Family I hope this message reach the souls that need it.

21 February 2023

APTTMH,  Shalom family. On this night 

2/21/2023 = 12. Have fun with these photos, and explain to us what we have here. N. CALI LINE  HOLDER.


Shalom Bro. Devin. Just another photo that can be used. A little zoom in of photo screen shot. The Most High is grand. APTTMH. C-YAH

Shalom beloved Brother Devine peace be unto you I am writing this with excitement I was setting up to begin my meditation and this image appeared in my lighting the candle in (West) of my bedroom it was beautiful but powerful and scary all that same time !! If would be so kind to share with the family

I truly give APTMH for gifting this onto me so that I share my family please look 👀 at these images and tell me what can see family mucha love ❤️ unto you each our Starseed family is limitless keep rising to the TOP!!!

-Sister Angela

20 February 2023

Shalom Bro Devin, 

Just wanted to share this and how The Most High and our Spiritual Team speaks in mysterious ways and in plainness.  Last week I went to do some shopping at a store named Ocean State Job Lot and needed a binder to keep the printed Homework in from the website.  I decided on getting a white binder that represents my day Monday as I’m a Lenavahite.   It wasn’t until a few days later I took the binder out of the bag at home.  When I opened it, there was something folded and stuck underneath the metal mechanism part of the binder. As I opened it, I looked at what turned out to be a card-stock that said “BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE”.  I have never seen anything like this before and gave thanks to The Most High for that message that I AM Blessed BEYOND Measure. Images attached. 


Cilla M 

Hi Devin,

Hope you are doing well; it’s been a while since I sent something but I believe the nation should hear this. APTTMH MTKRF MLMR 

-Sister Monique

13 February 2023

On Shabbathal I received a call from my neighbor advising that she smelled gas and not to light a match.  I immediatley got up check my stove as well went into my hallway for this smell I live on the 1st floor I did not smell anything but when went to second floor it was heavy family so I began knocking on everyone door to advise them by this time firedepartment was coming around the corner they came ask for everyone to open there doors for access so the check many units and they eventually came to my unit it was found that I had a slow gas leak and they wanted to go into my walls I was like please no. And the gas company arrived on the seen a talk dark Angel name Des meaning (desired) Hackney meanig a (horse) he was so through a kind family patient gentle spirit I knew The Most High was in the mist of whole expereince. Des eventually found that the building next to mine was leaking a large amount of Gas so turned off my unit 2 other units we should have been no more but I am here typing this testimony to you that our Father has sent you here for a mission and he will move mountains to insure that his will is done thru you if obident onto his voice as man maid servants and women maid servants.  I will be truth family I was thinking The Most High doesn’t need me what I am good for dought of fear can exist in his Army so family Adoni loves you unconditionally so love yourselves unconditionally so that you can vibrate HIGH and do the MAGIK he sent us to do.

Our KING will rein 4EVER!!!!

-Sister Angela

08 February 2023

Greetings and Shalom Beloved!

These are some photos I took on Nogah at 10:30pm of the beautiful Levanah aka Emethiel.  Could see the colors of the Chakra with the naked eye APTTMH!!!

06 February 2023

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Brother,

I woke up this morning 6 Feb and had a dream, afterwards I wrote down what happened.

Had a dream last night about a house. I came to the house from work to take a nap. It was a brother outside saying some of the software or whatever was outta date and he could update for us. I said go ahead. Meanwhile he did so and I went inside and went to sleep. Before i took a nap i went outside and tested a gun on its use. It was a fully auto pistol. I tested a few clips and how to control. I noticed the flowers outside were arranged a certain way around the house, almost surrounded the house like a gate would.  Anyways, I woke up and the man updating or whatever was done. So i paid him..went into my wallet and had these pink slips that were good to redeem for cash. Anyway the exchange ended well, i asked him for his contact and he gave me his contact. After this, some 2/3 negroes came to the door and tried to get in. I stopped em like nahh bruh u cant come in. The first looked like he knew he couldnt get in and was joking around. He was with a group of about five but the others didn’t even try to get in. I put my hand on his chest and he said aight cool clowning around and left the porch of this house. The next was a 2/3 with dreads and tats on his face. Same thing i told him no and he gave some resistance and wanted to tussle and argue but said ok then he left. The last was a mixed or albino looking dude and he wanted to get in. I said no and put my hand on his chest. He stood there like no I wanna get in. So he was VERY resistant. I told him no multiple times but to no avail. I started thinking on what to do but I got very angry that he was challenging me at this house. Then he sat down on the porch outside fuming. Also who came onto the porch was Birdman (From Cash Money Records Manager of Lil Wayne..can’t remember if he came out of the house or just appeared there), he licked this man on his face and said he should be good to get in. I said no. And then he did so a few times after to my disgust. Anyway the man gets up and tries to force his way in with my hands on his chest. This man is a muscular fellow. So I was fed up and beat the HISH out of this fellow. A great power came over me. As I was praying while doing so. And I made sure he wouldnt bother us at that house again. After that tussle it was peaceful again. My dad came home while the ruckus was happening and after the struggle we were discussing stuff and walked around outside. I did think after that I needed to stay focused and train so I wouldn’t succumb to my enemies and people who wanted to tussle with me outside this house. Almost as if I thought there would be greater foes next time. So yeah dream on the morning of 6 Feb

03 February 2023

Planets my daughter captured

-Sis Yolanada

01 February 2023

Shalom Beloved:

Please know that I have received some feedback regarding the research I shared with you on equal day/equal night.  The impetus is that Oriel should be the first witness and that this is observable, i.e., that you can actually see the Sun/Oriel change stations/positions with your eye.  While I was aware that Oriel moves in/out of gates, I did not have the knowledge on how to observe it with stick and some rocks or bricks; I thought you needed a Sundial. Here is a link of a sister showing you how to do this.

Please know that I had been praying about the controversy of the feast calendar for several years, and stumbled upon the information on the Accu Weather app.  I have been using this application for about 5+ years now and have found that it is really quite accurate. And the app prides itself on this feature.  I also felt led via the Spirit to complete the research and share with the Nation; and I have done as such.  Nonetheless, I cannot dispute that Oriel should be the first witness.  Therefore, I will implement the observation during the week of March 13th, to verify the actual date of the new year.  If it is not March 17th (although, the initiator of this assignment, confirmed that it has been the 17th for the past several, almost 10 years) I will correct the calendar and send out a new one with the corrected dates.

As I stated in the first email, I truly am more concerned about Yashar’el and Tsyion being on one accord than me being right!  This is still relatively new for us all and I am totally good with growth and correction!

Have a peaceful and productive day!

-Mama T

31 January 2023

The other morning I woke from a dream/vision. I was at a female’s home and she asked me to come with her to another room because she wanted to show me something. 

She slightly pulled a curtain and stepped halfway behind it. She began to turn inside out through her mouth! I was amazed and too nosy to look away. She turned into a reptilian looking creature, then slowly turned back to herself.  She had explained that she HAD  to transform every 3 or 4 days and go out and walk among the people. I do not know right now who they are, but I know they are here! APTTMHY 


Pandora Croome

10 January 2023

30 December 2022

MH kept telling me to take another picture of the Sun 20 Dec 2022

Queen Mommie 

Please share with the nation TMH is looking down above the sun 🌞. I was out walking today and I kept hearing take a picture of the Sun I said Ok Dad. The Black Judge is awesome.


Queen Mommie

25 December 2022

When I asked myself what am I, I receieved several answers… I knew before I asked my grandmother and told my great cousin. They were surprised that I knew one of the familys secrets. They still prefer to say that we are black..It never really felt like my identity. One day I was just really emotional and I just needed confirmation… and This image appeared on the floor in my truck…I have a big head but thats definitely not me!!! Lol… Ive been comfortable in my skin ever since. APTTMH

24 December 2022

This shot was takin by one of my wife’s friends yesterday not to far from where I live

19 December 2022


I wanted to share a dream I had with you I had on December 19,2022. At first I thought it was something I read so I was looking through all my recent books since Monday looking through the books I have been reading and I couldn’t find it. 

I then remembered ,I think, I was sleeping and someone showed me a book and I was trying to focus on the words and someone was telling me what I was reading. I always ask my Angel Leuviah before I fall asleep help me to gain knowledge like Solomon and whatever I need to know to do my job. 

Well during the dream someone  said Paul’s gospel would be twisted until the end because in Romans 11:11 he was telling gentiles them doing like Jews/Judah would make the Jews/Judah jealous. They said Paul was a convert and was telling gentiles you start doing like Judah/Jews, their ways they will get jealous of you following their ways. Paul was not talking about TMH trying to make us jealous he was telling his fellow gentiles how things would be when they converted.  

I never knew Paul was a convert so the whole dream was out of no where and I can kind of recall myself being in my bed during the dream and them putting the book in front of me and me trying to fold the page so I could remember and share it. 

Anyways I just wanted to share.  


Shalom Big Levi MLMR 8K

05 December 2022

37:1-10 this is my bird his name is Ezekiel he died after my mom in Agusta i buried him on the side of my home where his family is hes been there for 5m his body was dug up and politely put here and when i went my son came home he told me so as i went to light my yellow and white candles along beside the black i got this scripture now im studing this for 7 days apttmh

02 December 2022


25 November 2022

Shalom Bro. Devin,I would like to share my dream and testimony with the nation. I had a dream and the only thing I remember from this dream is, these three wheels spinning like the wheels on a slot machine. The wheels were spinning very fast and the first wheel stop on 7 the second wheel stop on 7 and third wheel stop on 7. When the last wheel stopped, the sound was so loud that it startled me and I woke up from the dream.The day after I had the dream. I was checking my email and I noticed an email from The Student’s Financial Aid Department. The letter stated that I was granted a full discharge from my student loan debt. My student loan debt is over 70,000 All praises to TMH!!CASA144

11 November 2022

Media Blitz on Kyrie – Wake up Black America

I tried to upload on my YouTube channel but YouTube would not allow me because of my little viewers. Anyway I am glad that TMH is using you through you channel and the understanding of things just by mentioning it . So so many times you mentioned something it is as if you heard me said it. It reached a point where I was becoming nervous but not afraid. I bless and glorify TMH as knowledge has increased.

The Most High has been showing me so many things in the clouds . Glad to be able to share and APTTMH. Sis C

06 November 2022


I found these symbols on the inside of my car on Friday morning.  On the outside of the window it  looked like dew drops but when I got inside my car it resembled some type of writing.   Can you tell me what this may possibly say or if it’s just nothing.


 Sister Kathyah

03 November 2022

APTTMH. Greetings and peace to you and the nation!

I pray your studies are going well. Just caught the podcast and would like to extend my gratitude for the testimonies and for bringing it all together on your platform.

I have some of my own I’d like to share with you too, as they seemed relevant to what others were experiencing. Feel free to share with others if it’s deemed fit.

– About the soul-snatcher… Based on what you were saying about eyewitness accounts, it sounds like the work of a specific intelligence found in the book “Practice of Magical Evocation” (page 258 on the pdf):

Emvatibe (4th head, moon sphere):  “This head of the moon sphere reveals to the magician with a certain degree of maturity words and formulae for banning which enable the magician to paralize or even kill a person, or whole groups of persons, at the moment of their utterance. The magician can bring about such effects over the greatest distances. The person concerned will die at once from a heart attack. Of course, also temporary or lifelong paralysis can be effected by such words or formulae. They will, however, only be revealed to magician who would never think of misusing them.”
And yesterday, I saw the number 999 at least 7 times in different places. 9 that destructive number, also the kabalistic number of the moon for those who may not know. The analogy in my head was like a ticker resetting to zero, if you understand what I’m saying. 

I’m not saying that’s 100% what THAT is, just observations.

– I had a dream the night of oct 28 (again when the moon was waxing in my sun sign). This one’s simple and seems consistent with others in the nation: Wife and I were going home from somewhere after dark and these edomite fellows were following us pretending to be nice and stuff like that. I could tell right away their intentions were far from good, but I just did my best to ignore them and keep it moving. At one point they try talking to us, and one of them walks up behind my wife and slowly put his hands on her shoulders. The moment his hands touched, my right fist instantly met his left temple with a trashcan lid force and I woke up right when his face hit the concrete. 

Regards and MLMR,

Ali Jahangiri

Shalom Brother Devin,Big Levi and family I am out walking today and The Most High told me to look up.

He sent me a giant Plume we are covered by TMH APTTMHGY 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾.

Please share with the family MLMR.

Queen Mommie ❤️

30 October 2022

Shalom brother Devin, Big Levi and family.

This morning I was in the spirit realm and TMH flashed the words WATCH 👁️ than I saw millions of ships flying down and I asked who are they for ?

He said you and all of my  people.

I asked when MH he flashed SOON I gave him praise honor and Glory. 

Be at peace 🕊️🕊️🕊️ our Creator is going to be leading us into Zion for rest soon APTTMHGY 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Please share with the family ❤️.

Queen Mommie

I have always had Power s since a child I dreamt I was flying everywhere.i saw situations before they happened.im older now so I don’t fly as much but I see shadows regular ly.

I  contacting u about the last video where a daughter is talking about cosmic rays. They are the gamma rays coming from the Sun I started sun gazing last year to strengthen my eyes (cataracts) it worked at first I could only gaze for a few seconds but with prayer intermediate fasting my eyes are able to see into the cosmos around the Sun . I see the Sun then a black ring around the Sun outer space the Sun and a rainbow of gamma rays coming from the Sun.i know it sounds fantastic but I wouldn’t waste my time or your s if it wasn’t true . gamma killed those Korean s but it strengthen s us . It has healed my eyes and body I’m 70 happy he still Is working on me.(I see ships regularly sometimes many but now after 12 am 5 or 6 in a line watching.

All praises to The Most High and family.

This is a picture of something going up into the clouds and beyond.

Al Walker II


24 October 2022

Shalom Beloved Bro Devin and Family this is an outrage!!!!!!! Especially after seeing the prices being labeled on our literature and books please check this article out it’s been going on for centuries until this day.

Sis. Elsie


I was going through screw tube and look what TMH has shown me.

Now the gentiles are talking about the colors you should wear based on your zodiac sign wow 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Coping us for sure 🧐🧐😂😂

Queen Mommie

Please share with the family ❤️.


Hi Big Levi,

I meant to send you this back in July but I forgot.  I was watching a video on you tube and they were talking about this massive storm/ Hurricane. I believe it was in the Atlantic. But while watching I noticed a Titan in the cloud formation. You can clearly see his face and upper body. It looks as though he is breathing out wind. I commented on the video back then but know one seemed to notice but me. I believe this video was on a gentile lady channel her name is Gina Colvin I think.

Thank you 

Sis Atisha

21 October 2022

Shalom Big Levi, brother Devin and the nation.

I keep seeing 40yrs all over the place.

I truly believed that TMH is telling us to get ready to go to our Great Exodus.

I also listen to this lady who is from Jamaica but lives in the UK she prophesied that we will be leaving soon on ships cruise ships.

She said that they will docking at all of the Harbor’s but they will say that they are using them to house immigrants coming to the land but only for a while.

Be Blessed IsRael JUDAH 12 Tribes.

Please share with the family ❤️.

Queen Mommie

This was 10/21/2022

16 October 2022

Shalom Brother Levi,  Here some information I was able to look up just to bring some clarity about the information. Hope this helps. 
Athanasius, Underground

B John Glassie

With his enormous range of scholarly pursuits the 17th-century polymath Athanasius Kircher has been hailed as the last Renaissance man and “the master of hundred arts”. John Glassie looks at one of Kircher’s great masterworks Mundus Subterraneus and how it was inspired by a subterranean adventure Kircher himself made into the bowl of Vesuvius.


November 1, 2012

Portrait of Kircher at age 53 from Mundus Subterraneus (1664).

Just before Robert Hooke’s rightly famous microscopic observations of everything from the “Edges of Rasors” to “Vine mites” appeared in Micrographia in 1665, the insatiably curious and incredibly prolific Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher published what is in many ways a more spectacular work. Mundus Subterraneus (Underground World), a two-volume tome of atlas-like dimensions, was intended to lay out “before the eyes of the curious reader all that is rare, exotic, and portentous contained in the fecund womb of Nature.” There is an “idea of the earthly sphere that exists in the divine mind,” Kircher proclaimed, and in this book, one of more than thirty on almost as many subjects that he published during his lifetime, he tried to prove that he had grasped it.

As a French writer put it some years later, “it would take a whole journal to indicate everything remarkable in this work.” There were extended treatments on the spontaneous generation of living animals from non-living matter, the unethical means by which alchemists pretended to change base metals into gold, and the apparent tricks of nature we now recognize as fossils. The book included detailed charts of “secret” oceanic motions, or currents, among the first ever published. The author’s more or less correct explanation of how igneous rock is formed was also arguably the first in print. According to one modern scholar, Kircher “understood erosion,” and his entries “on the quality and use of sand” and his “investigations into the tending of fields” had their practical use.

Mundus Subterraneus identified the location of the legendary lost island of Atlantis (something that modern science hasn’t been able to accomplish) as well as the source of the Nile: it started in the “Mountains of the Moon,” then ran northward through “Guix,” “Sorgola,” and “Alata” and on into “Bagamidi” before reaching Ethiopia and Egypt. Kircher offered a lengthy discussion of people who lived in caves (their societies and their economy). He reported on the remains of giants (also mainly cave dwellers) found in the ground. And he went into detail on the kinds of lower animals who belong to the lower world (including dragons).

Depiction of a Giant featured in Mundus Subterraneus.
Depiction of a Dragon featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

In short, Mundus Subterraneus covered almost every subject that might relate to the realm of earth, as well as many that wouldn’t seem to, such as the sun and “its special properties, by which it flows into the earthly world” and the “nature of the lunar body and its effects.” These correspondences and influences were nothing new, though perhaps only the always-inclusive Athanasius Kircher would choose to publish a series of moon maps in a book about the world below.

All these other subjects notwithstanding, it was Kircher’s theory about the interior of the earth that captured, or at least deserved, the most attention. As he explained, “the whole Earth is not solid but everywhere gaping, and hollowed with empty rooms and spaces, and hidden burrows.” Deep down, it holds many great oceans and fires, interconnected by a system of passageways that reached all the way to its core. In his view, volcanoes, however awful and awe-inspiring, “are nothing but the vent-holes, or breath-pipes of Nature,” and earthquakes are merely the “proper effects of subterrestrial cumbustions” that are sure to go on constantly. The “prodigious volcanoes and fire-vomiting mountains visible in the external surface of the earth do sufficiently demonstrate it to be full of invisible and underground fires,” he wrote. “For wherever there is a volcano, there also is a conservatory or storehouse of fire under it…. And these fires argue for deeper treasuries and storehouses of fire, in the very heart and inward bowels of the Earth.”

According to Kircher, “the fire and water sweetly conspire together in mutual service.” The tides, caused by the nitrous effluvia of the moon, push “an immense bulk of water” through “hidden and occult passages at the bottom of the Ocean” and thrust it “forcibly into the intimate bowels of the Earth.” The resulting winds “excite and stir up” and otherwise feed the subterraneous fire like a huge bellows. The seas, which would stagnate and freeze without the fires, keep the fires from getting out of hand, preventing “unlimited eruptions,” which would “soon turn all to ruins.” The “secret make-up of the mountains” is that they are hollow and serve as reservoirs. Hot baths, hot springs, and fountains are produced where underground water passageways come near or interconnect with the fire channels.

Kircher’s diagram showing the interconnectedness of fire inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.
Kircher’s diagram showing the interconnectedness of water inside the earth, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

More than once, Kircher compares the movement of the earth’s water to the circulation of the blood in the body as described by William Harvey. The water of the oceans follows its “secret motions” up and around the globe toward the North Pole. Somewhere off the coast of Norway (the actual site of a major whirlpool system called the Moskenstraumen), he declared, is a giant maelstrom through which the water enters the earth — as if passing through a great drain — and runs through it, cooling it down, providing it with nutriments in particulate form before being eliminated through a nether opening at the South Pole. Sometimes the analogies referred more to the continuing process of the digestive system than the cycling of blood, but no matter: “You see therefore the manner and way of the Circulation of Nature.”

Kircher didn’t just (or didn’t entirely) make up his ideas about the interior of the earth. He’d first “learned the great secrets of Nature,” as he put it, almost thirty before, under circumstances of “great danger.”

Kircher was about thirty five years old, and had been based at the flagship Jesuit college in Rome for about three of four years — attempting to decipher the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians — when in 1637 he was assigned to accompany a young German prince on an extended visit to Malta. If he was initially upset about being dragged away with an immature prince to some rocks in the middle of the Mediterranean, his curiosity quickly kicked in. He made magnetic and astronomical readings, and studied geological formations. There were four-hundred-foot cliffs, natural arches, and a place where the tides had carved human-looking shapes into the earth. He explored Malta’s megalithic temples, catacombs, and grottoes, and was especially fascinated by its inland seas and underground passageways: how far down did they go?

Diagram showing the sympathies between the macro and microcosm, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

After about a year, Kircher was finally allowed to return to Rome, but he took his time getting there and lingered in Sicily for a long while. “I found such a Theater of Nature, displaying herself in such a wonderful variety of things, as I had with so many desires wished for,” he wrote later. “Whatever thing occurs in the whole body of the Earth that is wonderful, rare, unusual, and worthy of admiration, I found contracted here.”

He was especially intent on exploring Sicily’s outcroppings, cliffs, and volcanoes. And he wanted to look into stories about a type of fish that lived in the Straits of Messina, the body of water that flows between Sicily and Calabria on the Italian mainland. The fish was supposed to be susceptible to a certain kind of song “by which,” Kircher wrote, “mariners are wont to allure it to follow their vessels.” But those plans had to be put aside because of the earthquakes that devastated much of Calabria in the spring of 1638.

Kircher recalled that the earthquake began as he and some others crossed the straits in a boat. The sea was “raging beyond what is usual” and began “stirring up huge whirlpools.” The island volcano of Stromboli was “throwing up huge billows of smoke,” and there was “a certain subterranean lowing, if you will, which we were reckoning to be the cracking of the earth and which seemed to conspire with the odor of sulfur to insinuate the complete, fatal and funereal destruction of Calabria and Sicily.”

Despite a “cracking racket” and a “noisome odor,” and the fact that the “sea itself was boiling,” Kircher and his party made it across to the mainland side. But soon enough came “a subterranean racket and din, similar to chariots driven at top speed.” The earth “leapt up from below with so forceful a motion that I, no longer able to stand on my feet, was laid low, suddenly dashed down with face flat on the ground.”

Kircher experienced “the intolerable frenzy of the earth,” and at one point even the feeling of his soul being “loosened from its corporeal fetters,” but survived to witness the resulting devastation. Through subsequent days of walking, his group “came upon nothing but cadavers of cities and the horrific ruins of castles,” he remembered. “Considering the men straggling through open fields as if extinguished for their fear, you would have said that at that very moment the day of final judgment was looming.”

Kircher’s firsthand experience of this earthquake, which killed something like ten thousand people, might have put him off his investigations into the “miracles of subterraneous nature.” But these horrible occurrences had also presented him with an opportunity for study. “After having diligently searched out the incredible power of Nature working in subterraneous burrows and passages,” he wrote, “I had a great desire to know whether Vesuvius also had not some secret commerce and correspondence with Stromboli and Aetna.”

Illustration of Mount Etna, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

There was only one way, in his view, to find out. Vesuvius at that time was merely smoking. But its first major eruption in centuries had occurred seven years earlier, in 1631. Kircher hired “an honest country-man, for a true and skillful companion,” and the two began hiking their way up to the forty-two-hundred-foot summit at midnight. (Perhaps the reason for leaving at that hour was to be able to see in the dark anything that might be molten. Or maybe the idea was to allow for a full day of exploration once they got there.) The way was “difficult, rough, uneven, and steep.”

When they finally reached the top, Kircher looked down into the crater. “I thought I beheld the habitation of Hell,” he wrote, “wherein nothing seemed to be much wanting besides the horrid fantasms and apparitions of Devils.” He heard “horrible bellowings and roarings” and there was “an unexpressible stink.” The smoke and fire and stench “continually belch’d forth out of eleven several places, and made me in like manner belch, and as it were, vomit back again, at it.”

When the morning light came, Kircher recalled, “I chose a safe and secure place to set my feet sure upon, which was a huge Rock, of a plain surface, to which there lay open an avenue, by a descent of the mountain very far. . . . And so I went down unto it.”

Illustration of Mount Vesuvius into which Kircher climbed, featured in Mundus Subterraneus.

The inside of the volcano was, “all up and down everywhere, cragged and broken.” But there was no gradual decline; the volcano’s chamber was “made hollow directly and straight.” The bottom was “boiling with an everlasting gushing forth, and streamings of smoke and flames, and employed in decocting Sulphur, Bitumen and the melting and burning of other kinds of Minerals.”

Because the vapors and gases “know not how to be contained” within the molten matter, they did so “scatter the burden that lay upon them, with such great force and violence, accompanied with horrible cracklings and noises, that the mountain seemed to be tossed with an earthquake or trembling.” Those spewings caused “the softer parts of the Mountain,” made of, Kircher suggests, ashes, cinders, rains, and “the refuse of minerals,” to be shaken to pieces and loosened; they fell “like Hills, into the bottom of the Hellish gulph.” And that made the kind of sound that even “the stoutest and most undaunted heart would scarce venture to suffer.”

It was within this hollow mountain that Kircher really began to develop the theories he set down so many years later in Mundus Subterraneus, to envision what it might be like even deeper within the earth, and how the mountains and fires and rivers and oceans might somehow all be connected. Calculating the significance of that moment in the history of science is a lot harder than mentioning what appear to be two direct influences on culture: The creation of Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome was certainly informed by Kircher’s ideas about the interior structure of the earth as well as his ideas about the mystical nature of the universe (that’s another story). And the spirited, bumbling polymath-dreamer of Jules Verne’s A Journey to the Center of the Earth, who leads a subterranean descent through an old volcanic crater, certainly seems to be based on Kircher himself.

15 October 2022

Brown People Inside the Earth

13 October 2022

Shalom brother Devin I was told to send this message out to the family by TMHY.

We are going home very soon.

Be at peace family MLMR 💕.

Queen Mommie

10 October 2022

APTTMHP, Shalawam Big Levi, The Blessings have been coming in at exponential speed Alleluia. The All Mighty One Divine Hand is Upon Us and The Glory of His Face Is To Us Ward. Before I can give one Testimony another shower has rained Upon Me. I went into a 7-11 with my grandson who wanted to spend time learning and as he say having fun. We go into the store to get gas. The lil one is at the counter with me and looking at the lottery tickets. I don’t play them but I bought the one he picked which happened to be ticket #10 and cost $10. We got home he scratched the ticket and my wife examine the ticket. $500 Shazam! Temporal wealth, hope, gain and fortune…..ect. Salute To Shemeshites, The Angels, and The Children of Light, and The Ananah 

Thank You Brother Big Levi for Your Commitment To The Nation, A Nation That’s Strange and Very Peculiar!

05 October 2022

Shalom Brother Devin, Big Levi and family I was watching YouTube and this guy opened up a portal right before my eyes 👁️. Please share with the nation.


Queen Mommie


02 October 2022

Hi Brother Levi,

Praying with all of my Hebrew brothers and sisters for the first time has been awesome. I could not imagine that the Most High would move so quickly. I watched him change everything in me and the ministry he has truly called me to. I have been out of the church system for a very long time. I wanted to tell you and Big Judah how much I appreciate you and your teachings. I have grown tremendously. My praise report is my growth in the Most High. I need to thank you for all the resources you have given as well to make us study to show thy self approved. 

My prayer request is to continue to pray for my son Joel. He needs direction for what the Most High has for him. The testimony he stopped selling and you know what I mean this is a praise report by being on this fast. Now, praying that this woman he is with will stop putting love spells on him and that he is with the correct person that will love him. The woman Miriam is full of rebellion and the prayer is either she is delivered or the Most High has something better for Joel. She is moving in a great deal of witchcraft including black magic, spells, manipulation, and control. So he needs continued prayer, I truly want the best for Joel and his new path that the Most High has set him on now. This is the first time I see him going forward in the Most High. 

Also, please pray for my brother Jonah, he needs to get out of the military with an honorable discharge with all of his benefits. They play so many games with our people. He is woke now and had no idea when he joined he thought he was doing it for his country because of all the lies we have been told. Please pray for a favorable situation for Jonah so he can move forward with his life. He truly loves the Most High and he now studies the truth all day long.

I truly love your channel and all the wisdom that you have shared with us over the years.

Much love in Yah,



P.S. When I saw at the end of the fast that the wicked Queen died, I said their kingdom is a sign that it is over. The end of Esau and the beginning of Jacob!

29 September 2022

I was at Panera bread today and this guy standing in front of me had this tee shirt on it spoke to me.


Queen Mommie

Please share with the nation we are the people of the stars magical.

28 September 2022

Shalom family. I was outside on the 23rd of this month September and heard a very loud sounds from above.  Looked up and wow. A flock of birds. Come to find out through Nextdoor app. These are Sandhill Cranes. A whole lot of them. Crazy. The sound of them together was overwhelming. Almost like many shofar sounding. If you look at their formation. You can see,(read), a message and signs in their flying pattern. Video is to big to send as an attachment. So I will attempt to shrink or send screenshot(s) of them.



21 September 2022

Grand Rising Big Levi  Sending love and Light to You and your household. I just wanted to let you know that My prayer request to the nation has been answered by TMH. 

It Took more than one year but the issues with my Retirement Benefits and Funds have been resolved. My money they were holding has been reissued to me. APTTMH  May the King Reign Forever.

Handmaid Servant Sistar R Bailey 

Thank you for your Prayers to The Nation.


20 September 2022

We are moving out of our place due to an eviction. And I could go into detail about the reason why but my husband seen this license plate and said, “Look Big Levi. Me looking around like where lol, and he pointed to the truck in front of us. I said, “333” right next to Levi. Just made is much more happier and knowing TMH got us.

16 September 2022

The Magic Circle (Chapter 3)


All books that deal with the subject of ceremonial magic and give accounts of invocation and evocation of any kind of being stipulate that the magic circle plays the most important role. There are hundreds of instructions available on how to make magic circles for a wide variety of purposes. For example, instructions can be found in works such as the Albertus Magnus, the Clavicula Solomonus, the Goetia, Agrippa, Magia Naturalis, in the Faust Magia Naturalis, and in the ancient grimoires. In all these books the instructions given are always the same: all one has to do when summoning a being is to stand in the circle. But rarely is there an explanation for the esoteric symbolism of a magic circle. I shall therefore explain the magic circle in detail to the seriously aspiring magician in accordance with the analogies and the universal laws.

A true magic circle is a symbolic representation of both the macrocosm and the microcosm, in other words as far as the microcosm is concerned it is a representation of the perfect human being. A circle indicates the beginning and the end, and therefore the alpha and the omega. Furthermore, it depicts eternity, which has no beginning or end. As such, the circle is a symbolic diagram of the Infinite, of the Divinity, in all Its aspects, that can be understood by the microcosm, which means by a true initiate or a magician who has successfully completed all the exercises in Initiation into Hermetic. In other words, it is understood by a perfected

magician. The drawing of a circle symbolizes the Divinity in Its perfection, to come into contact with the Divinity, namely when the magician stands in the center of the circle, whereby, symbolically expressed, the connection with the Divinity is graphically represented. For the magician, it is a connection with the macrocosm of the highest level of his consciousness. It is therefore completely logical from the point of view of true magic for the magician to stand in the centre of a magic circle with the awareness of being at One with his universal divinity. This clearly shows that the magic circle is not only a diagram for protection against undesirable negative influences, but it also expresses untouchability and unasailability as a result of connecing one’s consciousness with the Highest. Therefore, a magician who stands in the center of a magic circle is protected from all influences, be they good or evil, because he symbolizes the Divinity in the universe. Besides, a magician who stands in a circle is God

himself in the microcosm, who rules the beings which are created in the universe and he is the one who exercises his absolute powers.

Therefore the esoteric significance of standing in a circle represents something entirely different than what the conventional books on magic dealing with the matter of evocation, invocation or incantation claim it to be. If a magician, when standing in the magic circle, were not

conscious of this esoteric significance that he symbolizes God, the infinite Being – he would be unable to exert any influence upon a being. At that point, the magician is a consummate magical authority and all powers and beings must be absolutely obedient to this consummate authority. His will and the orders he gives are the orders of the Infinite, of God, and without exception these orders must be respected by the beings with whom the magician comes in contact. Should the magician fail to have this attitude during the magical operation, he will sink to the level of a sorcerer, and he will be merely a mimic, without actually being in contact with the Highest. His magical authority will therefore become questionable. Besides, he will face the danger of failing to gain any respect from the beings that he has summoned, or worse, he may be ridiculed. Besides which, there are all he other undesirable, accompanying problems to which he would be subjected by the powers he has summoned, especially when they are negative beings. The design and preparation of such a magic circle depends solely upon the individual preference and level of maturity of the particular magician.

11 September 2022

This looks like an Egyptian animal

This cloud was coming out of the cloud

What Number do you see?

-Sister Yolanda

23 August 2022

From: Brother Bj

17 August 2022

Brother Devin ,I had a dream few weeks ago about a woman.She was on  a table nude but I could only see her back.She was a caucasian woman and men were putting oil on her back and body.I could not see them only their hands.She was calling me to come to her saying ‘I need you to lay down with me.I need your unmingled seed to survive”.I woke up immediately after the dream.                                   Please share with the Family!!Bro Thomas !!!       ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH!

10 August 2022

Salom Bro. Devin! 
I thought I should share this video with you and the Nation. All praises to TMH!!
Is this a sign family?

In a recent dream people were all of a sudden being rounded up and taken into custody. I found myself being led into a room with two other ladies. The building and room looked like it used to be some sort of motel. Amid the confusion I noticed a patio door behind a curtain and it was already opened! While everyone was in a panic mode, I looked to my right then the black camero turned its lights and pulled off. This let me know I was not a prisoner and whoever was in that black camaro showed me a way out. Then I woke with a  feeling of peace. 

…Pandora Croome


09 August 2022

Shalom Bro Devin,

Bringing you peace and blessings. I had a dream, and I won’t act like I know what it meant or if it meant anything. However, my spirit keeps telling me to tell you all. Here it goes:

“I went to use the restroom in my home and attempted to switch the lights on, but they wouldn’t come on. I looked to see if if my fire alarm had that little green light and it was also out. I looked outside my window and it was pitch dark. I mean really dark — The odd thing is in the dream i didn’t panic”

The dream seemed so real. As I said before,

I don’t know what it means, I just know something keeps telling me to tell the Nation. 

Thanks for all that you do.

Be blessed.

08 August 2022

Peace and blessings family, 

Today I  was checking my mailbox and afterwards I was going to take a walk in my building.  But, something was like no, it’s nice out you should walk outside.  All these blooms were all around me today. I did not have my phone with me to take the pics.  Family there were more it was amazing.  The last bloom was directly below the key pad I use to enter my building.  All Praises To The Most High 🙏🏾 

Brotha Devin, 

Thank you for your labor in the vineyard of The Most High 

Sista Inez

05 August 2022

Another plague that has come on the gentiles now there kids are having tik’s 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 wow APTTMHY 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Please share with the nation Brother Devin.

Queen Mommie

Shalom Family,

Thank you to everyone who has kept me in their prayers. My old man has found a job that can accommodate him! It doesnt solve all my financial woes but it is a positive step in the right direction. I am so grateful for the support of our people! APTTMHP!

Handmaid of the Most High,

Sophia Spiritualite

01 August 2022

Good day Big Levi.  This Morning 8/1/22 , while meditating, shofar sounding. The glory of the most showed me this from the heavens.  Portals. A little faint in photos. But the natural eyes saw this. APTTMH 

31 July 2022

Big Levi and Family here are pictures of the vulture that I saw after smelling the odor of death in the air while on my daily walk. 

Than The Most High spoke to me and said that wild beast will be there graves death for the gentiles and poisoners is in the air. 

APTTMHY HalleluYah.

Please share with the nation we are blessed.

Queen Mommie 

30 July 2022

The audacity of some of these so called scientists and pastors and astronomers, to actually be prideful enough to say that there is no life in our solar system nor the entire universe! To continue to state that we are alone in the universe while hiding all of the evidence of alien contact on this planet. How proud do you have to be? You know what it is? It is a SPIT IN THE FACE of the Most High God. A complete disregard for His creation to state such things. And they’re so confident about it?! It’s complete pride, selfishness, and ignorance. And based on what?! Absolutely nothing. How dare they deny the omnipotence of the Most High God; whom they claim to believe in so so much. They will pay dearly for their lies, and for misleading the inhabitants of the Earth. They are denying people the chance to repent, and the Most High is going to come after them. And it will not be cute.

Brother Devin A

They say that Venus is a lifeless planet. How can the planet of love and beauty be lifeless? Does that make any sense whatsoever? The gentiles have no understanding, and their science is completely backwards.

26 And as touching the dead, that they rise: have ye not read in the book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob?

27 He is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living: ye therefore do greatly err.

Matthew 12:27

-Brother Devin A

29 July 2022

I can feel now that the people on Venus are celebrating. They are ecstatic to once again know that their bretheren on Earth have realsied who they are, and they are partying hard on Venus right now, preparing for our return. Soon, when my Venusian ship arrives, ready for me to both captain and pilot, judgement will increase upon the Earth and it will not be conducive for me to stay here, so I will be going home. But not before my mission on Earth is complete. I must ensure that the inhabitants of the Earth do not lose their three-fold flame. Then, and only then will the Most High allow me to return to my planet ♀

-Brother Devin A

28 July 2022

Swagger Jacking

Shalom Beloved,

A beloved brother sent this to me!


I saw this yesterday interesting sky as I was going to Dollar General  in Forest Hill Tx which is a suburb to Fort Worth and this catch my eye. I had been talking to the Most High about signs in the sky and left home to go to the store and saw this. Maybe everyone  want see what I see but IT’S  A RED DRAGON.  APTTMHY  Enlarge the picture you can see the crown head and all I’m ecstatic Praise Ye Yah forever Selah. Peace and blessing keep doing what you are doing.

Shalom,  Your sister in Yahusha Brenda

27 July 2022

Shalom Beloved Family,

I had a message I received that I thought I should share. A beautiful Monarch Butterfly flew directly over me on Tuesday (yesterday) around 1030am, close to the time my guardian angel is over. I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant but when i did the daily reading for the nation today it was revealed that it was like a consecration for us. I wasnt going to say anything but after that message from the Angels thru Brother Larry I knew i had to say something. Im not sure how close together these things happened but I am also in Florida so i wonder if it was the same angel? 

When i looked for Druid stories about Angels omg what i found was unbelievable but if i go into it here the message will be way too long!

Peace and Blessings,

Handmaid of The Most High

Sophia Spiritualite

APTTMH who has power and dominion over all things! Shalom my dearest brother. May the blessings of our heavenly Father Ahaya Yahuah be upon you. Please share this with the nation:

On retuning home from work I walked into my kitchen and immediately saw a brown moth on the outside of my kitchen window. I greeted the moth with shalom and began to glorify the name of The Most High. My son entered the kitchen and told me that the moth had been there for sometime and that it was a deceased relative visiting.

Joel 2:25

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

I pulled the information below from google:

Rebirth. The brown moth is a common symbol of rebirth and renewal. In many cultures, the brown moth is seen as a representation of rebirth. The association of the brown moth with rebirth is likely due to the creature’s metamorphosis from caterpillar to moth.19 Jun 2022

Has not our beloved brother Big Levi and the Big Levi family been discussing rebirth of our nation? Great glory, praise and honour belong to Our Creator.


26 July 2022

Disclaimer: This is not homework nor is this this the correct way to do a cleanse. We are just sharing an example of what the gentiles are doing and like everything they do and say, it is incorrect!

OMG brother Devin I had to send this to the nation these gentiles have know idea of what they are doing. 

This is their version of the antibiotic that we used. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Please share with the family

Queen Mommie

24 July 2022

Shalom Brotha Devin, and Big Levi. Yesterday evening around 3pm while out of town, my wife and I was shopping at Walmart, and when we got to the cashier to pay for our stuff my wife pulled out the two 20 dollar bills that I gave her earlier that day, we both notice on the back of one of those 20 dollar bills it had 144 written on the back of it giving us confirmation that we’re part of the 144,000. Just wanted to share this great information to the nation. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH YAHUAH!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


23 July 2022

Big Levi This young lady came across my video she is speaking of prophecy in the last day.

TMH called out TD Snake and Beyoncé , Stephen Curry , Joyce Meyers to name a few. People that the nation have dreamed about.

Look at it and share with the nation.

Queen Mommie

22 July 2022

Shalom Beloved.   Please share with the Nation.   All Praises To The Most High!! You can’t make this up.  Another confirmation they are watching The Nation.   See photo. 


Cilla M 

21 July 2022

Shalom Brother Devin. I had submitted a question concerning the meaning of the plumes. My beloved Sister Keilah answered my question referencing Psalm 91:4. I have been undergoing dental procedures and had been in severe pain for two months. I have used the antibiotic experiment with great success along with an amulet for toothache. I wa leaving my dental appointment after experiencing the worst pain prior to the root canal. I eas brought to tears! When I walked outside to my car I noticed these on the sidewalk. I am thankful for my family and give TMH all praise and great glory. I look forward to serving The Mighty One and the Nation. PEACE AND BLESSINGS!

19 July 2022

Shalom brother
Devin may peace be unto you and your family

I live in the DMV and instructed to sit still and take pictures of The Mighty work. Look 👀 at this family do see what The Most High wants you to see. So many faces portals Adoni our king ZAZA!! Is making it rein 4 real  POWER

17 July 2022

Shalom Bro. Devin,

I’m having trouble on my job with a few people. I’m asking for the family and the 8k warriors to pray against these demons to get them to back off of me. They have come against me because my light is too bright for them. Lately, I had my charger, glasses and my drivers license stolen from me. My drivers license was stolen from my purse. It would be very much appreciated if you could post this request for me.

Thank you, 

CASA 144

16 July 2022

Shalom beloved Family,

I did a set up for Shabbathi today for the total destruction of the organizations terrorizing my life right now using the 4th Pentacle of Jupiter and lead from my Holy Drawing Instruments and literally as the candle was burning I saw a heart in its flame on the wall! The Most High is accepting our efforts! APTTMHP 

Handmaid of The Most High

Sophia Spiritualite

15 July 2022

Evening skies June 13 2022

Watch “Natural BOMB 🍊🍯 for cleansing the liver and blood vessels: 4 powerful ingredients!” on YouTube


This came up on my YouTube right after our last 3dy cleansing.

I had to laugh when I saw it. The gentiles are coping us big time.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 APTTMHY

Peggy Wiley aka Queen Mommie

YHWH Shalom family. Please look at this pic. There are so many beautiful things taking place. Zoom in on the golden light on both pics. APTTMH!!!!!!! This is in Arizona, east of Joseph City. I’ve never stopped here before. I’m a truck driver and I had to pull over to fix my windshield wiper. After I fixed it I went between the truck and trailer to relieve myself. I felt a command to look up. It was like this mountain appeared out of nowhere. I gave praise to TMH and took pics. It was around 2 or 3 am on Saturday the 2nd. I hadn’t noticed anything in the pics other than the gold light wasn’t there when I was looking up. I sent the pics to my sister and she saw the HAND OF TMH all over the mountain! Please take a look beloved.

We rejoice with trembling, Robert Robinson

Shalawam Brother Devin,


I hope this message finds you well and bless you.




I have a number of things to put out to the nation.


First I recently put one part of a video testimony on my youtube channel here https://youtu.be/4GazbBFwdQo I’m planning on adding more when The Mighty One puts it in my heart to do so.


Results after Full Strawberry Moon Supercharge 14th June


I previously posted The Mighty one opened up my understanding to my work, my day job.


Now in addition, I asked The Mighty one to assist me in selling my car as I just managed to get my dream car and my old car was sitting there for months for sale. Well it just so happens I received a message from a buyer on the 17th Friday evening then on the shabbat the guy turned up and bought the car for CASH, for….£17k COLD HARD CASH Ive never had to count this much money! APTTMH POWER Big Up!!!


Thanks Praises Credit Glory and Honour To All The Angels, The Seen and Unseen AND The Living Nation, You Are ALWAYS In My Prayers.


Your Humble Brother Rising



Shalom beloved brother Devin I just saw this picture on my phone. I don’t remember taking it but the rainbow 🌈 is a message to the nation from TMH.

Please share

Peggy Wiley aka Queen Mommie q👑

27 June 2022


Shalawam Brother Devin,

I was listening to Big Levi’s prayer today, and it reminded me about this dream that I had about magic a few months ago. I recorded the dream and tried to send it to him back in January, but I don’t think he ever got it. I just recently learned about his website, so I went on there and saw that he would like our dreams to be sent to you. The recording is very long, I apologize in advance lol. Also, I’m going to include some photos of the book that I’m referencing in the recording.

Second thing: In my city we have an IUIC camp that’s been setting up outside black churches, and basically telling the pastors to stop lying to our people. The pastors tried to get a restraining order against IUIC, but the judge struck it down and said that the camp can continue to demonstrate outside the churches 😂 TMH is tearing down all the lies of the enemy.


All praises!


Bro Levi said it was a Dove. It showed up at my home. Nobody else on this street is Ibry except myself. 

Shalom Big Levi and the Nation, 

I had a dream on 27th June , after the spiritual bath but I’ve been dreaming every since the spiritual bath . I’ll speak about one dream.  

I was staying in a house that was outside the UK where I’m from, with my mother. It was a famous rappers house (a socalled kinfolk) in NYC.  He had a dog, which we didn’t know about. The dog came in growling viciously and my mum darted out the room, I stayed. The owner was bragging to me that he bites legs, I looked down and noticed I was wearing shorts. He said he’ll bite you, I said no he won’t, I was completely calm, then the dog was looking at me growling , he began to lick and suck my fingers like a baby.



Grand Rising,

I supercharged a candle today, Levanah at Thurmur and requested Gabriel’s assistance for destruction of the Gentiles and full restoration to the Children of Light. APTTMHP!

26 June 2022

Shalom big Levi and Family 

Picture to share this was Sunday June 26th 2022

All praise 

-Sis Yolanda

Keep up the great work another clear image of your subbies. I am very proud and happy to say I was here since you were at 3K now to 1.5Million subbies. Don’t let YouTube try to hide your real numbers. Yahoooo 🥳


1.5M subbies 💕🥳🖐🏿 TMH’s channel is moving! 


Shalom Big Levi, 

Where do I begin?! Thank you for sharing this AWESOME experience with the nation and I. It was so humbling and needed.

When I first heard about the cleanse, I was in no question! At the very least it was going to be another chance to draw closer to TMH, and whatever positive benefits come with would be a bonus. 

When you mentioned that the Tabak was optional, anything that would secure my intention with The Great I AM, I was going to put in some work. Although I missed the original shout for the first batch (THANK YOU HOLY MULE xoxo), by chance (His Design) while watching a Sunday podcast and after it went live, I got my 2nd chance. I prayed for the finances, authorization, and a CLEAR customs path – HE…. ANSWERED…

Fast-forward to last week….

I tried to do the cinnamon and parsley (C&P) bath before the 24th and wound up starting it the 20th. I was disappointed I let Him down, but I was determined to make it happen even if experiments overlapped! Well I completed the C&P bath the same night as the core cleanse. 

I have felt so good, so light, so everything you and the nation have shared over the last two days; and the 2 times I questioned myself – I received an immediate response during the early moments of the cleanse recap, in each of the last two Alone In This Walk podcasts! 

First I wondered if I was heard and accepted by The Mighty One (TM1), and in the podcast so many of us mentioned feeling light, constantly smiling, no urge to look back, but it was the testimonies of overcoming the delays, restarts on parts or the experiments, and just SLOWING DOWN to honour Him to get it right! Oh  Yah is good!!!

I was so nervous I’m sure I double on each quarter during each of the pouring steps. I was getting hard on myself, but then I heard a voice say, “Be calm – HE understands.” That’s it.

Plucking the parsley was so calming and timely because it presented the the opportunity to reset and catch a breath – APTTMH. As I stated my intentions (I know I missed some), I was aware of the time but started to feel anxious about missing the 12 sharp start, so sped up a bit.

Like most brethren, I didn’t start the bath sharp because I was still carrying out step 8, but I was feeling like I messed up,  again I heard the say voice reminding me to “Be calm, HE understands”. I sobbed, I was a mess, and I completed the bath. 

My son came home early from his final exam during the cleanse, I was afraid something might happen to him while I transported to bath to the outside garbage, BUT TMH & Hosts kept him at the dinner table, back turned, and I was able to walk through and bury the clothes and remnants in the trash “to be taken to & stay in the landfill FOREVER!”

I heard nothing, wasn’t tempted, clised the garage, and once I crossed the threshold into the house and closed the door with my butt – there are NO WORDS yo describe the joy, relief, and tears of our accomplished goal.

I slept like a baby after I showered, cleaned up the bathroom, in a living room chair, sitting up! We went out for dinner, the restaurant was quite, and I bought a lotto ticket by the jackpot was the number of my Guardian Angel ($65M )and the sidepot amount was ($7M). I said if I’m blessed I know why and what to do.

We came home, I cleaned up a little bit more, did my last C&P bath which felt mechanical, quite, and different – like the was nothing left, BUT I had to complete the five days as set out!

That night was another baby sleep…. peaceful. I dreamt I was run FAST in a field I didn’t recognize, but it was beyond peaceful, fresh, and warm with the bright sun. I have not been able to run in years, so I knew it was a dream – hahaha. 

That was also the second podcast confirmation about this experience – I HAVE NOT asked another question about if things worked since!!!

I can’t say enough about grateful I am that we’ve crossed paths, your ear to the Kingdom’s ground is beyond commendable, and THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH for obedience to TMH, sharing with the nation, and sending out some out of the Tabak.  I can’t wait to meet you and the family soon (yeah I said it!) – whether in person or in my dreams but keep doing what you do!

Oh yeah, last thing, please see the attached pic of my 2 week old Annana today – another confirmation ;)!!! Barely changed colour.

Have a fantastic day  blessings to you, your family, and our nation YAH’s chosen seed.


Andy – your Canadian brother who loves you like Jamaican cooked food.

25 June 2022

Shalom Brothers,

Busy morning (LOL)!  I love spending Sabbat mornings this way.

The attached are what I use to compile the planets charts and can be shared. They are for those more familiar with the glyphs for the planets and astrological signs.


Sister V. Stevnson

June-2022-Ephemeris-TablesDownload July-2022-Ephemeris-TablesDownload August-2022-Ephemeris-TablesDownload September-2022-Ephemeris-TablesDownload October-2022-Ephemeris-Tables-1Download November-2022-Ephemeris-Tables-1Download December-2022-Ephemeris-Tables-1Download

Shabbat shalom brothers! Peace be unto you and our family Yasharal there in your households.

I have attached the planet chart for this upcoming week of June 26-July 2, 2022.  I am working on another format, since people visualize in different ways, and will send that as well next week.

I thank The Most High for leading me to you Big Levi and may he continue to bless you, Bro. Devin and the nation for all the labor in the vineyard.


Dear Brothers,

I have revised the chart faster than I anticipated and find this format easier to understand and one is quickly able to see the trends in the planetary movements.

APTTMH for the inspiration. Much love, much respect. May The King reign FOREVER!!!



24 June 2021

Shalom Bro Devin. I did my Core Cleansing. That enemy fought me from the time I woke up this am. First hide my extra money, kept sneaking and hiding things.  Hid that cup of coffee and the second candle. The black candle left drippings on my dresser but the Ruach told me to get oil and it would come off. I wanted everything out even the second towel and the rugs I stood on when I stepped out of my cooler. I took everything to the dumpster. My phone rang twice my neighbor knocked on the door and I answered nobody until I stepped my feet back into my home. I saved some of the water poured it around my house. HalaluYahuah 


Hey Bro Devin and Bro. Big Levi,  this link at top or bottom I shareing this articles because I wanted Bro Levi to share with the nation and if he could shared the video

Of what just happen on June 24 2022 in Spain, I keep saying that the Angels are here, but the article is saying firey balls in the sky, but we know what those are Angels.

If the link do not open you can see the whole video which is about 4 min long, it’s on YouTube When the Earth was angry, I just copy a short clip.

Thank Sis lorey S


7Grand Rising,

I have been looking on the website and the youtube for the 8th 9th and 10th book of moses so i can follow along with the teachings. Is there a link for the pdf already? 

Peace and Blessings

22 June 2022


Attached, please find my version of the Planetary Wisdom Chart to supercharge our prayers


Hi Brother Devin,

I came across this video. On the day of the core cleanse 7 planets will be aligned with the moon waning in Taurus. The video is 4 minutes and 38 seconds and I think Big Levi and the nation might be interested in this!

Peace and Blessings

Sis. Renée Copeland 


Shalawam Big Levi,

Peace be to you and yours at this time. As I’m approaching the 6/24 activity things are becoming very interesting. This morning around 2-3 am I was awakened very intensively, it was a sudden and noticeable burst of energy into me which woke me up like POW!!! I was immediately awakened, i went to another room, lit a candle and prayed to the mighty one. I thought something had entered me so I was making sure it was righteous and I was affirmed it was. This burst continued and intensified which kept me awake for a few minutes then went back to bed. Rest assured the energy is here, with me and has increased my confidence in what needs to be done on 6/24.


Peace unto you brother 🙏🏾 

Brother Rising 

Shalom beloved brother Devin,

Big Levi instructed me to shoot you the PDF I made for the planetary wisdom chart which includes the planetary hours, angels and the names of the planets. The PDF is attached to this email.

May peace be upon you,
Sis Keilah


21 June 2022

Shalom Brother Devin,

Let me give APTTMH. I also give thanks to my spiritual team of avengers (Angels, Ancestors, Universe, Elders and Lwas). I went ahead and did a 3 day parsley and cinnamon bath. After the 3rd bath yesterday, i felt a sense of peace, release and calm. I just kept smiling all day. Well let me tell you the results thus far:

1) My daughter applied for a job, she was called for an interview the same day, and was offered the job today as she was interviewing.

2) I have a business and it was dry, I mean no one had been purchasing. Well after the 3rd day of my bath which was yesterday, I received a call from a client who contacted me sometime in January to inquire, but never called me back. She called me yesterday and said she is ready to order immediately and even sent the money to purchase my products wholesale. 

I’d have to be an ingrate to not give praise to TMH and thanks to the Spiritual Avengers. 

I’d also like to acknowledge the Nation for the encouragement on the live chats and Big Levi for humbly sharing all this information and homework. 

To the Nation I tell you THINGS ARE HAPPENING. TMH is moving and we shall not be shaken. 

P.s. I’m in awe of TMH, things happening and the 24th bath isn’t even done yet.💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

With gratitude


Bro Devin that night I got my stuff ready so I would be ready to open the portals over my cinnamon and parsley. My alarm didn’t go off. I heard a knock on my door. Since I am setapart there was no way I was opening my door early in the am. Then I heard three light taps on my door. I raised my head and looked at my phone it was 541. I thought to myself it’s too late then the Ruach spoke and said you got time. I hurried put the water on my stove on high and raised my cinnamon and parsley to the four corners and one minute til sunrise I poured the hot water over the parsley and covered it. I was listening to Big Levi say that ArcAngel.Michael was over Sunday until 9pm. It was 844. I got my pot poured in my cinnamon and headed upstairs. I sat on my tub with my container and took the parsley and cinnamon and as I was talking to TMH I REPENTED OF ALL MY SINS AND ASKED TMH THAT ALL HEXES THAT WERE ATTACHED TO ME AT MY BIRTH BE COMMANDED TO GO I CONTINUED TO WASH AND IT WAS COLD BUT I DID NOT STOP WHEN I FINISHED I THANKED MY 24 ELDERS FOR THEIR HELP AND GAVE PRAISE AND THANKS TO TMH YAHUAH. I THEN SHOWERED AND DRESSED.  I FELT WONDERFUL. PLUS I AM ON A 21WATER FAST THE FIRST 10 DAYS WATER THEN A LIQUID FOR THE REMAINING DAYS. I AM 72 BUT I AM DETERMINED. OH ANGELS KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND WOKE ME UP. THAT WAS THE SECOND TIME THEY WOKE ME UP. IN 2019 AN ANGEL KICKED MY DOOR OPENED KNOCKED THREE SCREWS OUT TO SET OFF MY ALARM TO WAKE ME UP. I WAS ON THE VERSE OF DEATH AND THEY SAVED MY LIFE BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY. 


-MykaaYah Yashra’al


  1. Good afternoon family brother Carlson here giving a persecution testimony Soo I was at school and I got Jumped by my entire class it was 12 students all of them stumping me,kicking me and punching me in the face and it felt like other kids joined them and started kicking me so as I was getting beaten by this crowd of people my mind was crying out too Yah and I got sent home early and not 1 drop of my blood was spilled neither was I in any pain it was like I didn’t get touched at all💯💯👍🏿👍🏿 APTTMH🙌🏿🙌🏿

  2. Cliff Michael Israel..

    Shalom Big Levi, and Family. I’m just not figuring everything out. Even though I been getting messages, i had no idea what they meant or anything. Since I been following this channel I now do.

    June 21 2022 I was shopping a Dollar Tree and Gentile woman accused me of stealing and assaulting her. She wanted to banned me from the store because she hates seeing me there. The cameras of the store recorded everything..Yet they hid that. June 28th I went to court and they wanted me to take a plea deal, I denied it. So they added a Robbery charge. August 23 i went back to court and they dismissed the Gentile girls claims and dismissed the case. Now all I’m still dealing with is the added charge for not taking plea deal. APTTMHY.

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