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Holy Fasting Schedule

Holy Fasting Schedule

40-day Fast 2024

31 January 2024 – 10 March 2024

During this year’s holy 40-day fast, the nation is making an emphasis on the importance of cutting out white sugar from completely from our diets. This includes any refined sugars, even brown sugar. We strongly urge the nation to begin then process of eliminating any sugar that is not natural from our diets, for many reasons that Brother Big Levi has already mentioned in his videos, along with with multiple other testimonies from the nation. Please read this article by the beloved sister Mama T called “Sugar Fast.” It is very well written and the sister present clear and major benefits as to why sugar elimination has worked for her in her own personal endeavours, and why it will also work for the rest of the nation.

With Peace, Integrity, and Strong will,

Brother Devin

31 July – 08 September 2022

We are fasting for the return of our stolen property, and to Re-take the Kingdom. The Moon must be in a terrestrial earth sign (Virgo) for us to begin this holy fast. Ending our fast, the Moon must/will be in an Air sign (Aquarius). For instructions, please see the article available for download written below by Mama T.

30 June 2022

Fasting for purification and the alleviation of hexes, curses, and illnesses.

20 May 2022

We will be fasting this coming thursday with a focus on “Solutions.” Every problem, difficulty, challenge and equation has a solution. In preparation for.our Holy Fast on Thursday May 26, we ask the nation to focus on Solutions to everything. It may sound too vague, or too general, but we must partition and seperate each of our problems from the next, so that it may be easier to find a sution for each of our life problems, as it relates to the specific problem at hand. Whether the Solutions to our problems be simple or complex, one thing is for sure that fasting and meditation will prepare us spiritually, to more clearly see how the Most High will show us sound solutions to our problems.

28 April 2022

Much Love to the Nation,

Brother Devin A.

Fast against the Canadian government to lift the mandatory vaccine requirement to come and go in and out of Canada from sunrise to sunset in each persons respected location.