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10 February 20223

A Record of Coming Events

28 January 2023

2023 Monthly and Feast Calendar

Shabbat Shalom Beloved:

Attached, please find the 2023 Monthly and Feast Calendar.  This calendar is based upon the precept of equal day/equal night, via the book of Enoch 72:42 (Cepher)  Per my research, equal day/equal night has been March 17th for the past three years.  I lost my screen shot for 2021; however, for 2022, I completed an indepth analysis of equal day/equal night across the earth plane.  Attached, please find the calendar, as well as last years research and a single screen shot.  If you have any questions, or see any conflicts with this calendar, please don’t hesitate to let me know.  

One, I would love for Yashar’el and Tsiyon to come into an agreement and honor these days as prescribed in the Torah.  That is my heart’s desire for completing and sharing this information.  Please also know I am totally open to correction, as it is far more important that we come into agreement than for me to be right.  So again, if you find any issues, please let me know.

I pray you are having a peaceful and restful Shabbat!

14 January 2023

First Prayer

The Celestial Fire above is an incorruptable flame, always scintillating, the source of life, fountain of all the Beings, and principle of all things. This flame produces all and nothing perishes except which it consumes: it makes itself known by it-self. This fire cannot be contained in any place; it is without body or matter. It encompasses the skies, and from it emanates a little spark which makes all fire of the Sun, of the Moon, and the Stars. That is what I know of God: do not try to know more because that is beyond you, such judge as thou art. Moreover, know that the unjust or wicked man can-not-hide himself in front of God; no address or any excuse can disguise anything from his piercing eyes. All is clear to God: God is everywhere. 

Second Prayer

There is in God as immense profundity of flame; the heart ought not, however, to fear to touch or to be touched by this adorable fire; it will not be consumed by this sweet fire, whose tranquil and perishable heat makes the union, harmony, and duration of the world. Nothing exists except by this fire which is God. No one has engendered it; it is without mother, it knows all, and no one is able to know anything of it. It is immovable in its projects and its name is ineffable. Here then is that which is God; because for us, who are his messengers, we are but a small part of God.

31 December 2022

Zoom meeting: Pentacle Activation 8:30pm ET


21-24 December 2022

Shining Star Bath

In preparation for our Shining Star Bath during the Winter Solstice, please download this file


16 December 2022

Yellow Candle Experiment

For abundance and prosperity

Every Shemesh, facing east lit up a yellow candle and pronounce those words over it 21 times.
EL+KARA+SAHULA+JAH and let the candle burn out.

Silver Candle Experiment

Get a silver candle and a sewing pin. On a Monday night insert the sewing pin into the middle of the silver candle. Light the candle and then before you go to bed, ask and pray for your spiritual power to be revealed unto you. That’s it. When you are done never tell anyone about this. It is private and the results are only meant for you.

The Thanksgiving Fast

November 2022

The 7 waves cleanse

The Libera

Esau’s Trouble 15 November 2022

Holy Water Operation

03 November 2022

Connecting to the Ancestral Spirits Operation

26 October 2022

The Heavens Speak II

21 October 2022

The Heavens Speak (Oct 2022)

20 October 2022

Fire Ant Hill Experiment

13 October 2022

Enemy/Persecution Revelation Experiment

03 October 2022

Spirit Intelligences

The Planets and their Perfume

Sunday/Shemesh: HELIOTROPE/HELIOTROPE BLANC – https://bit.ly/3yb3mXK

Monday/Levanah: IRIS/PARFUM IRIS – https://bit.ly/3CrNAdE

Tuesday/Madim: BRUYÈRE/PARFUM DE BRUYÈRE – https://bit.ly/3ygvJnx

Wednesday/Kokav: GENEVIEVE – https://bit.ly/3SRj3LH

Thursday/Tzedeq: MINT/MENTHE FRAîCHE – https://bit.ly/3rq97Nx

Friday/Nogah: VERVAIN/VERVEINE FRAGONARD – https://bit.ly/3yeubKV

Saturday/Shabbathai: PAVOT/PAVOT D’ARGENT – https://bit.ly/3SPxCPY

02 October 2022

Perfumes of the Planetary Days of the Week

Infection Remedy – (for heavy skin infections)

19 September 2022

Alzheimer’s Removal

The Alzheimers Removal

As usual, before beginning this experiment, always ask the most high for authorization and Holy Passage


50 gram of dry Asparagus roots. 

Put it in 1 liter of boiling water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Once it’s done let it cool off, take 1 glass before eating in the morning. 1 glass at noon and 1 glass before going to sleep. 

Do this for a week then go take the test to see if the disease is gone or progress if so do the same treatment for 2 to 3 weeks. 


The Anti-Bewitchment Cure (Reverse the Curse)

3 Spiritual Baths to do to reverse the curse

Cleanse 1

Ingredients Needed

21 Sour Oranges

21 Key Limes

1 Handful of Mugworts leaves best known as Amwaz

1 Handful of Basil leaves

1 Handful of plantain skin, peel of the plantain like a banana and cut the skin into little pieces

1 Handful of sweet potato skin cut into pieces

1 Flask of Core essence (Essence Noyau) in french

Cut the oranges and the key limes in half place them in the bathing bath then add all the other ingredients together then take a shower with it while you are doing this you must speak off all the bad stuff they have put on you to be removed, speak them off of you such as get off of me such and such.

Cleanse 2

The Corner bath

Before you begin this you must find a location where you will not pass for at least 8 days, this cleanse CANNOT BE DONE IN YOUR BATHROOM. It must be done in a corner where you will not cross it like when you are going into your bathtub to shower or bathe. We suggest that you use a hotel motel or a location you know for a fact you won’t be able to pass there for at least 8 days or better yet never.

The key element in this cleanse is your own urine, your pee just to be blunt, you might want to drink plenty of water the night before the bath in the morning you are going to use this pee to bathe.

You will need old clothes, and new or clean clothes because you will need to throw away your old clothes before taking the bath put them in a bag after you done go throw it far away if you are in a hotel just throw them in the trash and leave remember not to look behind you until you cross the threshold of your home.

You must do it early in the morning before sunrise around 5:00 am. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE avoid talking to people, if you have the opportunity to do it at your home choose a corner in your backyard to do it, go on naked, absolutely nude, zero clothes. Once you are done taking the bath go inside your house DO NOT BATH FOR THE ENTIRE DAY UNTIL TOMORROW.

Ingredients Needed:

Your own urine the one from the night before it could be a bottle but the more the better

7 Key Limes

1 Handful of salt (any salts)

1 Aloe Vera 1 stem of it

1 Handful of Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) or Sleeping Beauty, and Mimosa Pudica.

1 Small white candle, the smallest you can find.


Step 1

Light up the candle

Step 2

Mix Them Up

Take the urine remember use  your own urine DO NOT GO IN PUBLIC RESTROOM TO SCOOP UP OTHER PEOPLE URINE hey man you know our people you gotta tell them. 

Cut the key limes in half and put it on the bathing pan, cut the aloe vera and removed the side spikes that are on them and drop it in the pan or bucket, add the salt and the Tansy leaves aka sleeping beauty or shame old lady, pour in the urine and add some water enough for you to take a bath mix them very well.

Take off your clothes if you have any, put them in a bag before you shower if you can come in your own backyard naked and leave your clothes inside that would be the best but if not removed beforehand, make them ready to pre dispose.

Start bathing while doing so speak it off of you everything that has been done unto you must be removed, tell them to get off of you whether they were send friends family members or strangers wherever they came from speak it off of you.

When you done you cannot wear the same clothes again throw far away from your home or if you didnt have clothes just get inside and do not shower for the entire day.

Cleanse 3

The Spiritual Force Field

1 Slice of bread

1 Organic egg

1 Cup of red wine

1 white candle

Write this prayer in a piece of virgin parchment or a white sheet of paper. Recite this prayer 9 times a day for 9 days (if you are a woman do it 9 times for 7 days) and put it under pillow and go to sleep every night until the 9 days is done on the 10th day light up the white candle take the prayer burn it take the ash put it in the cup of the red wine, take the egg boil it until ready peel it off and eat it with the bread and drink the wine with it. This is a powerful spiritual force field that will prevent things from getting to you.

The 7 Magi of Egypt Oration 

To the 7 Magi of Egypt, The Saint savior’s oration. Oh Mighty Saint Jacques Major, oh powerful Saint Jacques Major dissipate before me the plots of evil spells and the pitfalls of the demons. Oh vigilant cult please watch over me and protect me at all times during my journey.


By the 7 Magi of Egypt’s name, may bullets and ammunition have no effect on me.

By the 7 Magi of Egypt’s name. When my enemies behold me, may great horrible and terrible fear come upon their loins and make them tremble with exceedingly great shaking so that they come kneeling twice at my feet.

By the 7 Magi of Egypt’s name. May superstition and malevolent curses have no effect on me. Selah Selah Selah.

16 September 2022

Bladder Infection Cure

Take three little branches of Cherry the size of your index finger. Boil it with water drink One cup in the morning one at night. Then you should be good. 

Cure AIDS and Hepatitis

1 liter of pure Honey Haitian honey would be great. 

5 garlic cloves

4 tablespoon of whiskey any of them is good

4 tablespoons of Moringa powder

4 aloe Vera stem use the gel 

Grate the garlic and take off the gel from the aloe Vera, put the powder and the whiskey with the honey mixing them up together. 

Leave it for 3 days

After that every morning before eating take 2 teaspoon, and every night take 2 teaspoon for 60 days. 

 Then you should be cure from AIDS and all type of Hepatitis.

Cure Genital Herpes

To cure Genital Herpes 

You will need

4 Papaya Roots

4 Leaves of Senna alata, It is also known as emperor’s candlesticks, candle bush, candelabra bush, Christmas candles, empress candle plant, ringworm shrub, or candletree.

3 Aloe Vera stems

10 yellow key lime or yellow lime

5 liters of water or 1 gallon and a half. 

Light up your candle because we are the child of the light we do not work in darkness. Activate the 4 corners of the universe.  Activate the ingredients by commanding them to perform your bidding. 

Boil the water, cut the yellow key lime in half, put it in the pot, put on everything else and let it boil for 30 minutes. 

Now drink it hot, not super hot but warm enough to feel it. 

Drink 2 cup 3 times a day for 30 days. Then the genital herpes should be healed. 


31 July – 08 September 2022

“40-day fast + Warding off evil spirits” by Mama T

Shalom Brethren:

Attached, please find an article for today’s prayer video.  It is super long…

Also, I am confident that I have learned one of the ways that we will get our inheritances and rightful standing back.  I will be working on this project for the next few weeks, so I will be off grid while doing this deep dive; however, I will be fasting and at prayer when possible.   

I would also like to respectfully request a Zoom to share this information with the Nation.  I am thinking that I should be ready about the 3rd week of August.  

Please let me know so that I can commit to a date.

I hope all is well with you and we will talk soon!

Mama T

Chase out evil spirits

  1. Get a pair of scissors, one spoon, and one fork.
  2. open the scissors so that they form an X
  3. Make an asterisk with the spoon, fork and scissors and put them under your pillow
  5. whatever demon or evil spirit you have in your house or at work will FLEE from you
  6. You can leave the scissors, fork, and spoon under your pillow and go to sleep or go to work

How to get rid of a gentile enemy.

  1. Purify yourself by pouring a pot of saltwater on you
  2. Call your guardian angel, open the 4 quarters of the universe, and ask TMH for permission/authorization
  3. Facing East, light up a white candle with transmuted fire
  4. State the name of your enemy, or an unknown enemy, then Go to psalm 58 and fold the page into the bible, then read psalm 58
  5. Say “I will not unfold this until I find justice.” 
  6. Close your bible
  7. Do not unfold the page until you find justice

Instantly get rid of an enemy

  1. Find a fiery ant hill
  2. Eat dinner on a plate
  3. After eating dinner, make sure to leave a little bit of sauce or grease or juices from the food on your plate
  4. After having dinner, Take a half sheet of white paper and write the name of the enemy on the paper SEVEN times.
  5. Or you can write ZANANA KOU PENGWEN or you can write “To all my enemies”
  6. ball up the sheet of paper and wipe your bowl clean
  7. Then say “To you evildoer, to you who persecue my life, I drop you right here.” Drop in the fiery ant hill

June – July

Healing Remedies and Days of the week

15 July 2022

Cancer Blaster

24 June 2022

Ingredients needed: one long white candle, one bag of purple garlic, one mason jar, one bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Instructions: Before getting started, it is important to activate the garlic and the oil by giving it the necessary commands (for example, “I purchase this garlic and oil for one purpose and that is to rid myself of all infections, diseases, sicknesses and impurities)

**This must be done in the light, since nothing good is to be performed in darkness!

1. Light the white candle and Activate the 4 quarters of the universe.

2. Peel and poke the garlic with a fork so holes can be seen throughout.

3. Drop the garlic in the mason jar and pour the olive oil so that it covers all of the garlic

4. Let the entire concoction sit in your refrigerator for two weeks

5. After two weeks, take one tablespoon of the oil/garlic solution and consume it at or right before sunrise. Then consume one more tablespoon at or right before sunset.

6. Repeat step 5 for five days straight and see the results!

10 June 2022

Removal of GIYON spirits

Negative spirits and entities have been attached to some of us since the day we were were born, and no matter what we try to do in our lives to better our situation, it seems as if someone or something is holding us back. This is a called a GIYON, and like a cancerous growth, it MUST be removed or else there will always be some lingering bad “luck” or “baggage” so to speak. Here is one way to rid yourself of this nuisance.

Ingredients needed: Parsley, ground cinnamon, white candle.

  1. Activate the parsley and cinnamon before buying it at the store by declaring unto it. (i.e., While holding the items say “I have dominion over you, and I have some work that I need you to do for me.”)
  2. When at home, light your white candle and prepare to open up the 4 quarters of the universe while holding the parsley and cinnamon in your hand .
  3. While facing East, activate the energy.
  4. Then turn to the South, West, and North (in that order) and activate the energy in those quarters
  5. You will be calling the 24 elders to remove this GIYON while all of this is happening.
  6. In the early morning, right before sunrise Boil one pot of water (just the water, not the ingredients) then pour the water onto the parsley and then cover it with a lid.
  7. Later than night, at or after sunset, add the cinnamon.
  8. Take a bath with the entire concoction, while repenting and asking the Most High to remove all negative entities that have been attached to you since birth. You may take a regular shower after.
  9. Repeat this entire process (steps 1-8) for FIVE consecutive days.

04 June 2022

Attached, please find the homework/growth work for this week.  I also went back to the first assignment and created the Hexagram Star of Solomon.

Let me know if you have any questions?

Much Ahab! -MamaT

28 May 2022

Glass and candle effect to communicate with the Angels.

21 May 2022

Regarding Brother Levi’s video on the “Spiritual Cell Phone” please refer to the beautifully written article and diagram below. We must use this diagram in order to be more spiritually receptive of the Most High and his angels.

Video Instruction: https://youtu.be/286vMNUSIbo

Spiritual Cellphone

19 May 2020

Shalom Brother Devin,

Attached, please find a short update that I finished on Sunday and keep forgetting to email you.  I have started the Core Cleansing research and article, but have not had a chance to complete.   It’s planting season here in Chicago, so its a busy next couple of weeks.

I will finish as soon as possible.



15 May 2022

Please download “Avocado our Advocate” by Mama T. This article contains written instructions on the Avocado homework assignment given by Big Levi last week on May 08.

12 May 2022

Instructions on the Spiritual Core Cleanse

For anyone one who wants to do the core cleansing/spiritual bath outside here’s a way that the cleansing/bath can be down outside that a friend sent me, it’s $35. Please share with the nation. -Sis Renee https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NQW55KV/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_8PD6PPX6X730XF36BRQN

Concering the 7 Day Water Challenge, please read and download this article by Mama T. It can also be found written out in full on the “News and Articles” section of the website.

10 May 2022

As per Brother Levi’s podcast today, we must Meditate in preparation for the full moon on 16 May. We need to ask the Most High for perfect alignment in our life, just like a planetary alignment. We must also ask for Fullness, for our life to be full, for our happiness to be full, for our good health to be full, just like the full moon. Positive energy, Good vibes, amd High frequencies are what we should be reinforcing. APTTMH, with peace and love.

Brother Devin

08 May 2022

Purchase one Avocado and let it sit in your house. Do not eat it. That is it! Nothing more, nothing less.

02 May 2022

Instructions for the 7-day water challenge:

1.Get a pot (any material iron/steel etc) and put cold water in it (large cup full)

1a. Extra step, but not necessary: open the 4 corners of the earth (North, East, South, West) & pray over the water in the pot.

2.Take 7 sips out of the pot.

3.Put the pot on the cooker/stove and boil the remaining water in the pot.

4.Once the water has boiled throw the water away.

5. Repeat this process over 7 consecutive days.

NB: If you miss a day, you will need to start the process again ensuring you do it every day for 7 days

-Sister Merlin

27 April – 24 June 2022

For 24 June, Set aside the following: 7 pennies, or 7 coins, 1 black candle, I black Handkerchief, 20 dollars cash only (or the equivalent of $20 cash in your country), 1 bottle of alcohol/liquor/wine, 1 bag of black coffee, (the blacker the better), 7 big bags of parsley.

Activation of the pineapple. Watch and learn diligently. https://youtu.be/dAfE11U4juE

26 April 2022

Zoom Meeting: “Relationship Advice for the Sisters” tomorrow 27 April 2020 at 4:00pm Eastern Time. If you would like to attend this meeting please send your request to Sister Gloria at alonetogether12tribes@gmail.com.

22 April 2022

See Article: Concerning the Deer and their Antlers! By -Mama T

Homework Instructions: Purchase one piece of Deer Antler, i.e. Deer Horns. Make sure they are authentic deer antlers from the real animal, not makeshift. Please see the link from Etsy as an example: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1167499522/natural-white-tail-deer-antlers-any-size?click_key=1ff73389538131a41ef3a9d0cff1d3e2251e6efc%3A1167499522&click_sum=caa664b1&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=deer+antlers&ref=sr_gallery-1-3&organic_search_click=1

20 April 2022

Watch the movie: Dante’s Inferno. It can be found on Amazon Videos

17 April 2022

Pay close attention: Purchase one Pineapple and let it sit in your house. Do not eat it. That is it! Nothing more, nothing less! Do not bother it until further notice. See Big Levi Youtube podcast for further details on activating your pineapple. https://youtu.be/dAfE11U4juE and also see the Mama T’s beautifully written Article “Concerning The Pineapple” on the News and Articles section of the website.

09 April 2022

Freeway: Crack in the System -Youtube: https://youtu.be/oy2MfZbDfBo

Freeway: Crack in the System -Amazon Video: https://watch.amazon.com/detail?gti=amzn1.dv.gti.2aaf5104-03b9-219d-6444-7562e0ac8535&ref_=atv_dp_share_mv&r=web


  1. Antonio Johnson

    Unto the Nation’s and Big Levi shalom Shalom, this email is to reach out to you and The Nation’s for pray on my behalf. Please keep me in prayer for financial healing and for pray in this Walk.

  2. Sister Deborah

    Thank you brethren and sistren for all that you are sharing. I did the 40 day liquid fast with you all. In diligent prayer I received good benefits and now praying for affordable housing. I know for sure our prayers are working. I am grateful to the Most High. Reunited with family but will proceed with caution as religion is in the midst.

  3. James

    Dear: Big Levi
    I remember back in May in one the videos you released the ingredients to helping Males soldiers stand at attention. I having trouble remembering which video it was. I remember coffee with no sugar was part of ingredients. May have the rest of ingredients please!!

  4. Marlene Love Anderson

    I have 2 questions that I would greatly appreciate answered:

    1. How can I find out the hour of my planet (SATURN) for each day?
    2. How can spirits be banished from my automobile?
    Thank you for your help.

  5. Keilah

    @Stefan – Shalom beloved brother! I pray you are well and at peace. The prostate cleanse is a cleanse you will do for 1 day in 3 consecutive months (example: if you start in October , you’ll do 1 day in October, then 1 day in November and 1 day in December) and that’s it! You’ll need 12 ounces of juice from 3 to 5 onions depending on how much juice they will yield. I got rather large onions for my husband and juiced them in my juicer. But if you don’t have a juicer, you can grate them and then strain the juice into a large cup (big enough for 12 ounces). Drink it and then you’re done! I surely hope this helps! Let me know if you still have questions!

  6. Keilah

    @Sharon Perkins – Shalom beloved sister, I bring you peace.
    Regarding your question on the okra leaves, I’ll do my very best to be as descriptive as possible about the instructions. The dialysis prevention cleanse instructions are as follows:

    1. A handful of okra leaves
    2. 5 key limes
    3. 1 bag/bunch of parsley

    When you are at the store getting the ingredients, wake them up by saying “wake up beloved creature of the Mighty One, I am going to purchase you with my money and bring you home with me to give you a certain task” Do not haggle on the price of these ingredients since these are for a holy remedy and the spirit will leave if you do not pay what the merchant asks for.

    Once you are home, give the ingredients the task to remove all impurities from your kidneys. Whatever is good, keep it and whatever is bad, remove it by the power of the Almighty Adonai. Light up your white candle and open up the four quarters of the Universe. Raise the ingredients to the east and say “May these ingredients do my will and serve my purpose and target the cleansing of all impurities from my kidneys.” Say the same thing toward the west, south and north.

    Boil the okra leaves for 15 to 20 minutes. After it comes to a boil, turn off the pot wait until the pot cools off to add the other ingredients. (chop the key limes in half and add them, put the parsley in as well)

    Take 1 tea cup full in the morning (preferably before sunrise) before you eat anything. Take 1 tea cup full before sunset for 3 consecutive days. Do it the next month for 3 days and the next month after that for 3 days. (3 months in total)

    I surely pray this helps you beloved sister!
    May peace, love and abundance be upon you,
    Sis Keilah

  7. Helen J. Milton

    HELP. NEED to know how to order authentic candles and other supplies. HELP. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE INFORMATION. APTTMH. FAMILY. MUCH MUCH LOVE

  8. Schelita Lumar

    I do not have the Tabak. Can I use sage for protection instead of tabak for protection on June 24th or is it ok not to use anything.

  9. Jeweletta Simmons

    I will love to join your group gratitude to you and gratitude to the family I am willing to learn to seek better and knowledge and understanding

  10. Tonie Mitchell

    I have not gotten 😕 my pineapple 🍍 as of yet I’m looking to move very soon. ALL PRAISES 👏🏾 TO THE MOST HIGH 💥 🙏🏽 🙌🏾.

  11. As I watched the beloved sister Mambo OtilYah’s video on the use of Camphor , reminds me that it’s been a while since I’ve used any of the items she mentioned. I would from time to time use Sage to pass through my living space . More recent I purchased Sage with Dragon’s Blood infused in it ,the result was remarkable. Mothballs I often use especially in draws and closets as some people do to freshen the space but also effective against certain negative energies as well, this I learned from the older heads in the family and close acquaintances. Camphor on the other hand was a go to for me , I’d crush and sprinkle it in the corners of the home. It can be crushed and place in rubbing alcohol for the purpose lightening your living space especially after cleaning, it can be user as a spritz for the corners or however you choose to spray. Avoid it getting on to furniture or fabrics that may ne considered delicate. Camphor comes in the form of an oil. It is helpful in alleviating an ear ache by placing a small drop on cotton and the outer portion of the ear as well as behind the ear. After a regular bath , 7 drops can be added basin of plain water as a rinse for the body or in your tub , you will notice the difference in your vibration almost immediately. As the sister said the camphor can be burned as well, but there’s another method of burning the camphor and that is by using a half of a coconut after removing the water , you can leave the flesh of the coconut in , place the lighted charcoal in the coconut …the coconut is now the incense burner so to speak . Care must be taken when doing this as the flame can rise and may take a little while to settle. To maintain safety the coconut may placed in a small pot and in that way the smoke can be passed safely through the home. Also , hold it away from being too close to your eyes and nostrils to avoid eyes from tearing up. This is not for constant use but for heavy duty stuff. Certain groups among the East Indians are never without Camphor as it is believed to attract wealth .

  12. Janet Morgan (AKA savvy me)

    Could you please give instructions about the avocado, once it has been shredded and dried. For health purposes.

  13. Peggy Wiley

    Shalom Big Levi and Family. This is Queen Mommie aka Peggy Wiley. I told my daughter to buy a Anannah and tell it to help her with her money. Sense then her job has increased her work hours and she is doing well with her studies. I ask that the family keep Mya lifted up in prayer for her focus and clear thoughts and mind. APTTMHY

  14. Bro Nadab

    APGHCTTMH FOREVER 🙏🏾☝🏾💝🔥♾️🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾 Shalawam Family 🙏🏾☝🏾💜🔥💝🔥 I have finished the water challenge today. I noticed right on the 1st day of the process I was getting a lot of clarity on things faster! On the second day I felt like a cleansing or purification was happening, like whatever negativity was leaving me, anytime I started feeling down my frequency went right back up and now, I do feel less anxiety, APGHCTTMH FOREVER and MTKRF, Shalawam and MLMR and many blessings with GREAT Joy to you all my beloved Brother’s and Sister’s of Light worldwide and Creation wide 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾☝🏾💝🔥

  15. Maria

    Praises Be to the Mighty One. My husband and I are confused about something. Well he confused me. He said one pineapple per household but I thought it was individual. If you could clarify for me I would appreciate. Continued Peace and Blessings.

  16. Shalom family’s I bought my pineapple on the 1of may which is Sunday I do as was told to do and by Monday morning my pineapple turns yellow and on that same day I was so broke I didn’t even have gas in my car and one if my co-worker give me $20 and said Adolice I have this for u I was able to put gas in my car APTTMHY

  17. Tracy

    Shalom Family
    I have been doing the water challenge and I have noticed that I get a rumble to my stomach for 10 to 20 minutes. Then my stomach settles down and all is good. Enjoy the rest of your day. APTTMH

  18. Suzanette Howell

    Today in April 30, 2022 and I did the water in pot homework this morning and it seems that I am going to bathroom a little more. ? is it suppose to do this? I only thanked TMH no special pray or anything. Please advise.

  19. Rebecca E Taylor

    SHALOM FAMILY, I have my Pineapple and I am experimenting on a Home job I always wanted. Let’s continued to pray one for the other. APTTMHC-E-O-Ih – Jehovih! 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤🙏🏽🙌🏽

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