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09 June 2022

Shalom Bro. Devin, 

This is Sis Renée. I sent a video of the protest in Los Angeles without putting who it’s from sorry about. The protest is of President’s motorcade. Them gentiles are not a happy bunch.

06 June 2022

Mass Shooting at a Christian Church in Nigeria

WARNING: Graphic and NOT suitable for children.

06 May 2022

This weeks growth work requires a level of blind faith, as there is not necessarily any scientific data, nor any exoteric, i.e., formerly known examples of our exercise which is to:

1. Fill up a pot (steel, metal, or copper) of water. The pot or container must be an earthen object of metal, as metal conducts energy

2. Take a ladle or a cup and drink 7 gulps or swallows of the water.

3. Turn on the stove and boil the water.

4. Once the water has started boiling. Turn off the stove and pour the water down the drain.

5. Repeat steps 1 – 4 for seven consecutive days.

6. End of assignment

This assignment is simplistic in nature, however, mystical in concept as there is not any rationale understanding to this growth work, nor has Brother Big Levi, provided the “why” of the exercise. Thus, our compliance is based upon our desire to continue growing in the esoteric knowledge of the scriptures and of our ancestors former spiritual traditions.

We can however, look at what we know about water both physically and spiritually. Physically, water is the source of life. A person can go without food for twenty one or more days; however, they cannot survive more than three days without water; as water makes up between 60% -75% of our bodies. Since the beginning of time, civilizations have settled around major waterways. The Nile also known as the Mississippi River/Pawnel has an array or archeological evidence of pyramids and communities dwelling along the river/Pawnel for thousands of years.

Water also comes in many forms; Rain/Bawrakel, Rivers/Pawnel, Clouds/Abariel, Dew/Anahiel, Oceans/Sarahel, Snow and Hail. Thus, water in and of itself is an integral part of many of the elements which our Creator made. Water represents Life and Fertility as all living beings, humans, animals and plants need water to survive. Water is a symbol purity, as Bawrakel is used to clean the land, Pawnel is used to clean our bodies, our food and our homes. Water is a symbol motion. Pawnel and Sarahel move in flows and waves. Water represents circulation, as water is necessary for the flow of your blood in your body, for the flow of the rivers, streams and oceans. Water has a mystical element, as one may not want to venture in unknown waters. And water is powerful; as we have observed over the past year a multitude of natural catastrophes: streets that have turned into rivers, taking down the flow of the stream, cars and houses alike.

Scripturally, water/s is mentioned over seven hundred times. Recall the story of the man with the infirmity/sickness of thirty five years, whom desired to get into the healing waters but was unable, thus the Christ healed him instead. (John 5: 2 – 12). Here the waters were healing. Water is used in baptism to symbolize cleansing and a new life. Water is a form of blessing and cursing as an abundance of harvest or a drought. Then there is holy water (Numbers 5:17). Moses, was found by Pharaohs daughter in Pawnel. I could go on and on with biblical references to water. Suffice to say that sipping water seven times and boiling it and then disposes of it. Well, its water, it’s life!

Why are we drinking the water seven times? For those of us that have been on this journey with Brother Big Levi for awhile, we are clear that the number seven represents perfection. However, the number seven also represents completion. “Time and space, Duration distance. Old age, decadence, death or endurance, stability, immortality. The seven ages, days of the week etc. The seven seals, principles of man, notes and colors.;….. wisdom, perfection, equipoise balance and rest.” For The People of the Book, the seventh day is a day of rest, as Elohim created the Earth and all that is in it in six days and on the seventh day He rested. In The Kabala of numbers the number seven in regards to planetary interpretations, symbolizes; psychic force, influence, popularity, voyages, adaptability, versatility and progress. Thus, on all accounts, the number seven is positive, progressive and holy! The combining of drinking seven gulps of water, boiling the water and disposing of it for seven consecutive days; well, in my holy imagination, I am supposing that this is an exercise of cleansing, healing and purification that will lead us to a life of wisdom and balance as we evolve into holy perfection through our Earthly Mother, The Holy Spirit. I am personally on day five and I eagerly await to hear the actual “why” of our growth work from Brother Big Levi, when he returns. May we all keep seeking truth and knowledge.

Shabbat Shalom,

Mama T

01 May 2022

References: Wikipedia, Eeckodeshoi Chart Healing Earth Water & Spirituality, Loyola University (article), The Symbolism of Water (8 Surprising Meanings) (article), The Kabala of Numbers by Sepharial, The Holy Bible

Concerning the Deer and their Antlers!
I would first like to provide a quick update, on the Pineapple/Ananana. On Friday, Brother
Abdula, called in during prayer and enlightened the nation that the native name of the
“Pineapple” is actually, “Ananana”! Ananana, you don’t say!! Okay, well, with that in mind,
please be sure to activate the Ananana, by addressing her with her proper name;
“Ananana”! There have been multiple testimonies of debt cancellation and resources
provided in a very short time! If you have one, please be sure to let us know. Also,
remember to not touch the Ananana when replacing or disposing.

Our next assignment is equally interesting and mystical: Deer Antlers. Our ’growth work’
for the antlers, is to purchase authentic deer antler; preferably whitetail antlers. Etsy is the
recommended website. Brother Big Levi, gave us some basic instructions to utilize the
deer antler, however, I am sure he will readdress the usage. From my understanding what
you will do with the antler is use a to grater to shave off a small amount (a teaspoons) of
the antler into a powder. Mix the powder with the alcohol of your choice and drink this
when you are not feeling well, or when you are in need of healing, instead of taking
pharmaceutical medicines. This may sound wild and fictional; however, If you recall in my
prior article I stated; “what is called fact, is fiction and the fiction, is in reality more truth or

The Most High, has provided as always, and has shown that this is indeed true. The deer
antlers being an antidote was a scenario in one of the Harry Potter movies. Professor
Snake introduces a bezoar to his students, as a stone that comes from the stomach of a
goat, and that its magical properties is an antidote against poison. You can find them
(bezoars) , though rarely, in the stomachs of whitetails and a lot of other animals, too. 1 2
Well, Professor Snake was on to something, as ancient or traditional medicine has for
thousands of years utilized whitetails and other animals as means of antidotes for poison,
and cures for such illnesses as leprosy, measles, chorlera and depression 3
What makes the deer and its antler so healing? Did you know that all male members of the
deer family, shed and regrow their antlers in their entirety in a years time and they do this
on an annual basis? In other words, every year the deers grows a whole new set of
antlers. This is an extremely rare and unique occurrence amongst the mammals that
YaHawah created. This ability of the deer to reproduce a large and hard, i.e., calcified part
of their body, raises questions for human medicine,”particularly in the fields of wound
healing and organ regeneration.” The antlers shed and regrow, without any lacerations or 4
signs of injury. Modern studies have found that deer antlers is 100% natural and is a
healthier option than modern synthetic medicines and the antlers are excellent not only for
overall general health, but they also:increases blood supply and blood circulation, energy
level and endurance, muscle development and the immune system. Deer antlers also
improves muscle development and recovery, as well as flexibility and joint mobility. They
reduce blood pressure, inflammation and aging. Hence, as Brother Big Levi told us, Deer 5
Antlers are magical in their medicinal properties and should be highly valued in the nation
for our overall well being. So, if you haven’t done your growth work yet; what are you
waiting for?
Our ancestors valued the deer, as it is a clean meat permissible in the Levitical diet. It’s 6
cleanness allowed for the use of the entire animal, skin, fur, intestines and antlers alike.

Many of the North American Tribes, such as the Cherokee associated the deer with fertility.
The deer is a portrayal of innocence, awareness, and kindness. “In Celtic tradition there 7
were two aspects of the deer: the feminine element, called Eilid in Gaelic, the female red
deer, symbolizing femininity, gentleness and grace. It was believed that the deer called to
men from the kingdom of the fairies to free them from the trappings of the earthly world
and taking them to the world of magic.” As we have learned from Brother Big Judah, 8
The Celts, The fighting Irish, and The Druids, are indeed tribes of the Hebraic family. Thus,
the mysticism of the deers antlers is decreased with the increase of our former knowledge,
wisdom and understanding of not only our former traditions, but also of all the goodness
that the Creator has for his chosen.
Lastly, the Scriptures reference the deer symbolically as well as in the Psalms. The
Scriptures compares Naphatili and others to the quickness and quietness, of the deer. The
deer is symbolized and honored for their ability to divert hunters. The spirit of the deer is
most important; as it is a token of progress, prosperity, long life and having a plethora of
food. As we continue to grow, learn and thrive during Esau’s troubles, please be sure to
gather your Ananana, and your deer antlers. For Jews and Gentiles and those that have
the ear to hear!
A time/season of gathering family! 9
Mama T

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28 April 2022

“Concering the Pineapple” by Mama T

The Pineapple / Pina/Pinapel
All fruits of the earth were created by The Mighty One, with particular beneficial purposes;
value if you will! Each and every “thing” that grows, adds nourishment; hence, it also lives.
See, I know we were taught that, ‘things,’ are inanimate objects. Inanimate meaning “destitute
of life” (Webster 1828). I’m here to tell you, that is not so! As we are evolving in the esoteric
understanding of the Torah, other writings of our patriarchs, as well as the many other ancient
texts, we are coming to understand that much of what we were taught in the church, school,
society and more often than not, our families has been indoctrination: not truth or historical
facts. Actually what is called fact, is fiction and the fiction, is in reality more truth/fact. The
Fruits/(Chafetiel), Clouds/(Abariel), Trees/(Kabodiel), Water/(Pawnel), Rocks/(Ebedel) Wind/
(Rahaviel), Fire/(Dabariel), Rain/(Bawrakel), Mountains/(Malakiel), Fish, Animals, and all that
The Most High created are all in reality living and have spirits and names. (Eckodeshoi Chart)
This may all sound like a lot for many people, however, if you just simply pause and consider
that each of these elements have a purpose, and each element can be your friend or your foe.
Fruits add nourishment to humans, insects, animals and the like. The Clouds/Abariel provide
rain, but cloudy day after cloudy day and no Sun/Oriel; well that’s just depressing as we, as
well as the animals and other elements need Oriel for nourishment (Vitamin D) Too much Sun/
Oriel, however, can kill the fruit of the earth. The Trees/Kabodiel provide oxygen and absorb
carbon monoxide, but built too close to your house, will break your foundation or let Kabodiel
fall on your house or car. Fire provides warmth, but too much will burn, Rain allows for growth,
but too much causing flooding. Thus, all that The Creator made are spirits that act upon His
command and perfect will. As such, each of the fruits and elements have a physical and
spiritual purpose.
The Scriptures reference ‘Fruit’ in many ways. The ‘Fruits’ (Pineapples) of the earth were
created on the 3rd day.(Gen 1: 9 – 13). The Fruit/Pineapples of the land represents blessings &
prosperity (Ps. 92:14, Deut 7:13), the lack of Fruit/Pineapple represents curses (Ps. 105: 34 –
35). The fruit of your womb/seed can be a blessing or not. (Ps. 127:3; Deut. 28:4; Is. 13:18)
The ‘Fruit’ of your labor is dependent upon one’s actions (Deut. 28:5,11;17,18; Matt.7:15 – 20).
Fruits can take away sin (Is. 27: 9-10). One’s Firstfruits are to be an offering unto The Most High
(Ex. 34:26; Lev. 23:10). And then there is the Fruit of righteousness (James 3:18; Eph. 5:9; Prv.
11:3) and of course we are all familiar with the the Fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, long-
suffering, gentleness, faithfulness, meekness, and temperance”. Hence, ‘Fruits’/
(Pineapples )have exoteric, esoteric and allegoric meanings throughout the scriptures.
From a terrestrial perspective the pineapple is one of the most naturally sweet and succulent
fruits that is equally delightful served cold, hot or as a juice. The pineapple is native to America
and was an integral part of our ancestors diet. When introduced to Europe, it was considered
as a symbol of luxury , wealth and also the fruit of colonialism. In architecture, the pineapple
became a decorative symbol of hospitality (Wikipedia). The pineapple is an excellent source of
nutrients; manganese, vitamin C, Copper, and a host other essential vitamins, and antioxidants.
It aids in digestion, boosts immunity, suppresses inflammation and eases arthritis pain.
Thus, the pineapple has physical sustenance, represents prosperity, kindness and helpfulness
and now we are learning that it’s spiritual energy absorbs negative energy. In short, the
pineapple has natural sugary juice that is beneficial to the wholeness of our well being;
physically, environmentally, spiritually and financially. The spiritual financial wonders of the
Pineapple Fruit is our focus. Hence, our “growth work” (homework) is to purchase a pineapple,
activate it, by simply praying and asking that all of your negative financial woes be absorbed by
the pineapple . The more financial woes you have, the faster it should rot. This is good. However, please remember to not touch it directly when disposing of it, or all of that negative
energy will transfer back unto you again!
In conclusion, we are coming to our Heavenly Father as babes. Just as we unquestionably
bought pine trees and decorated them, eggs and colored them, pumpkins and carved them,
we are now seeking to return to the ways of our righteous ancestors. They, as well as the
Europeans believed that the pineapple represents prosperity and wealth. And we are seeking
the truth of all that blessings and benefits of Fruits of the Earth, that our Heavenly Father
created for His children, both Jews and Gentiles alike.
Food for Thought….

Mama T

21 April 2022

Hi Bro. Devin, 

Hope you had a FANTABULOUS day today! Here’s an article about Israel central bank adding China’s yuan to their reserve holdings! -Renee


10 May 2022

Found this on my news feed wild beast will be there graves. https://youtu.be/OD31RURi5sc

APTTMHY -Queen Mommie

11 April 2022

2/3 Losing their mind in Massachusetts


Brooklyn Subway Shooting




  1. Keilah

    @Katz – Shalom beloved. I bring you peace. I also would like to try to answer your questions to the very best of my understanding. If you are born on a Wednesday, indeed you are a Kokavite! Since you had stated that you are on the cusp of a Gemini, you must be a Taurus, which means you are an earth sign; rooted, strong and unwavering. You are able to wield the power of the earth in powerful ways in which other signs are not as as apt… Beautiful! Your angel, Hahaiah is said to hold these qualities: Against adversity, Governs dreams, Mysteries hidden
    from mortals, Gentle, witty, discreet manners. It’s negative counterpart (demon), Sitri is the one who has been irritating and attempting to harm you since your birth on this earthly plain. He is able to be subdued and controlled, but much study must be accomplished before you are ready to do so. Your guardian angel, Hahaiah should be included in your daily prayers and acknowledged with great respect and devotion. You may task your guardian angel to do certain things for you according to what you seek on your journey. Personally, I include my guardian angel in each of my prayers. I have drawn the seal/sigil of my angel with a consecrated pen on parchment and have it on me wherever I go. You may also purchase a pentacle to wear around
    your neck with the sign of your guardian angel (most of these can be found easily on Etsy.)

    Your planet and your metal are the same: Mercury. The metal mercury can also be classed as quicksilver. It is most commonly found in old thermometers (the non-digital ones). Having this in mind, obtain mercury in it’s original form and place it upon a table where you have sacred items that you have made holy by consecration. This will draw in the good spirits and angels you wish to work with. You will start to see dramatic changes happen on your journey and doing these things on a regular basis will add to the knowledge and wisdom you seek. Books in which we recommend are: Clavicula Salomonis (The Key of Solomon), The Ars Notoria (The Notory Art of Solomon), The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon, The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs and Meditation – The Hidden Secrets by Christiane Muller, Geomancy 1889 (a magnificent book for zodiacal wisdom) and many others. You can find most of these in pdf format on Big Levi’s Books and PDFs tab on this website.

    I surely pray this little bit of information helps you find what you seek in the Most High. Peace and abundant blessings be with you and your loved ones, forevermore.

  2. Katz

    Grand new day BL
    Fantastic teaching and thank you for making me laugh frequently fabulous start to my daz in this chaotic world however APTMH… I just wish to check…personalities…Venus and my element is EARTH, my day is Kokav and I have my perfume which is fab. My month is May, my metal is mercury…I am aware of my angel (12) unsure what to do here and daemon. I am told I’m on the cusp of gemini is this of benefit? I suppose who am I as I feel I have a gap in the information regarding the planet and the metal. Many thanks in advance. Look forward to your help with this query.
    Kindest regards

  3. Keilah

    @Marlene Mason – Shalom sister, I bring you peace. Regarding your questions about who you are, you were born under Mercury/Kokav, which is all about intellect and eloquence. You are a very intelligent person with great business capabilities, a high level of knowledge about all kinds of things. Learning comes easy to you. Your metal is mercury, your color is purple/mixed colors. You are also a Gemini. Your guardian angel is Caliel, whom you should speak to as frequently as possible and include him in your daily prayers with great reverence. APTTMH! I surely hope this helps you sister!

  4. 11-9-22
    Greetings Brother Levi my born day June 20,1956, I learn I was born on a Wednesday, no time on original birth certificate. I m not sure what to ask for but info regarding my birth, many thanks! shalom

  5. Recently our beloved brother Abdoula Seer did an amazing lesson the Almond also known by its scientific name as Prunus Amygdalus. It is claimed as being native to Iran and surrounding countries, but it is also said to be native to Southwestern Asia as in many other places. As brother Abdoula mentioned the almond and its relationship to the Holy Queen ( Spirit) . Looking further at the latter part of the name is the word , ” AMYGDALA,” which is noted or defined as , a roughly almond-shaped mass of grey matter inside each cerebral hemisphere , involved with the experiencing of emotions. The function of the Amygdala is commonly thought to form the core of the neural system for the processing of fearful and threatening stimuli this includes the detection of a threat and the activation of appropriate fear related behaviors in response to the threatening or or dangerous stimuli. The amygdala is responsible for processing of strong emotions, such as, fear, pleasure or anger. It may also send signals to the cerebral cortex which controls conscious thought. Signals sent from the amygdala to the Thalamus and from the Thalamus to the autonomic nervous system and skeletal muscles controlling physical reactions. The Amygdala is the known part of the brain that affects the ” fight or flight response and plays a pivotal role in memory. When a person feels stressed or afraid it releases hormones thereby preparing the body to fight the threat or flee from danger. Common triggers to this response includes fear, anger anxiety and aggression. It is also responsible for emotions like love and desire. It has been noted that patients with a damaged amygdala don’t exhibit any markedly impaired social behavior but can have deficits in social responses, they can maintain normal facial expressions of emotion. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) , phobia, panic disorders, depression, schizophrenia and autism are among the disorders noted. One can gain control over the brain’s irrational emotional reaction by slowing down, taking deep breaths and by refocusing thoughts. A 30 minute meditation practice at least once per day may be helpful in reducing the size of the amygdala. Also to note, as we age, the amygdala is less reactive to negative things , but will respond if there is a real threat.

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