8K Warriors of THE MOST HIGH
Holy Testimony

Holy Testimony

20 June 2022

Bro Devin that night I got my stuff ready so I would be ready to open the portals over my cinnamon and parsley. My alarm didn’t go off. I heard a knock on my door. Since I am setapart there was no way I was opening my door early in the am. Then I heard three light taps on my door. I raised my head and looked at my phone it was 541. I thought to myself it’s too late then the Ruach spoke and said you got time. I hurried put the water on my stove on high and raised my cinnamon and parsley to the four corners and one minute til sunrise I poured the hot water over the parsley and covered it. I was listening to Big Levi say that ArcAngel.Michael was over Sunday until 9pm. It was 844. I got my pot poured in my cinnamon and headed upstairs. I sat on my tub with my container and took the parsley and cinnamon and as I was talking to TMH I REPENTED OF ALL MY SINS AND ASKED TMH THAT ALL HEXES THAT WERE ATTACHED TO ME AT MY BIRTH BE COMMANDED TO GO I CONTINUED TO WASH AND IT WAS COLD BUT I DID NOT STOP WHEN I FINISHED I THANKED MY 24 ELDERS FOR THEIR HELP AND GAVE PRAISE AND THANKS TO TMH YAHUAH. I THEN SHOWERED AND DRESSED.  I FELT WONDERFUL. PLUS I AM ON A 21WATER FAST THE FIRST 10 DAYS WATER THEN A LIQUID FOR THE REMAINING DAYS. I AM 72 BUT I AM DETERMINED. OH ANGELS KNOCKED ON MY DOOR AND WOKE ME UP. THAT WAS THE SECOND TIME THEY WOKE ME UP. IN 2019 AN ANGEL KICKED MY DOOR OPENED KNOCKED THREE SCREWS OUT TO SET OFF MY ALARM TO WAKE ME UP. I WAS ON THE VERSE OF DEATH AND THEY SAVED MY LIFE BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY. 



The reason why we don’t have flying cars is because as long as the gentiles are in power, The Most High refuses to activate the Earth’s Ley Lines, which is what is needed for that type of propulsion. As we gradually, yet soon rapidly come to the understanding of who we are and where we come from as The Most High’s choosen seed, (the Israelites, the Atlanteans, the Lumerians, etc). the Ley Lines will once again be activated for us to command and subdue at our will. And only the Chosen will be able to use them, as it were in the days of old. ♀

Brother Devin A.

Picked up my fresh parsley from the store on Sunday. So excited HalayluYah.

Please share with the family MLMR. Brother Devin and Big Levi ♥️. 

Queen Mommie

I just capture this, this morning of GOD’s Mighty Angel Michael and his sword, just after I finished reading Psalms 91 i have been reading it everyday now for about a week now, as i were outside and i turn to look up and saw the sky, I sense that something were there, so I ran in the house to get my iphone to take the picture cause i knew something were there and here it was, I post the pictures tell me what you think and if you can see it too.  selah

shalom Bro Big Levi

sister Lorey Salter, ps. I’ve been telling my family that the Angels and the Heavenly host are here, they are in the midst.

Shalom Big Levi TMH lead me to these marking on a tree to Jun 20, 2022 I know that they mean something to the nation.

-Queen Mommie

19 June 2022

SHALOM FAMILY: I sat my clock to wake me up to start my parsley and cinnamon cleansing. I was sound asleep and a knock came on my door  I said I dont know who that is knocking but I’m not opening my door. They knocked lightly about three times. I looked at my clock it was 541. I said oh no I missed it again. The Ruach spoke and said you have time. I activated my parsley and cinnamon put a pot of water on the stove to boil and two minutes til sunrise I poured the water over my parsley. I made it by one minute. Sunrise is 604. That’s amazing. It a cleansing that you do for five days to remove all her from me from birth. I had to do it before the sunrise. I overslept and the Angel knocked on my door and woke me up. HalaluYahuah 

-Queen Mommie

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SHALOM FAMILY: I sat my clock to wake me up to start my parsley and cinnamon cleansing. I was sound asleep and a knock came on my door  I said I dont know who that is knocking but I’m not opening my door. They knocked lightly about three times. I looked at my clock it was 541. I said oh no I missed it again. The Ruach spoke and said you have time. I activated my parsley and cinnamon put a pot of water on the stove to boil and two minutes til sunrise I poured the water over my parsley. I made it by one minute. Sunrise is 604. That’s amazing. It a cleansing that you do for five days to remove all her from me from birth. I had to do it before the sunrise. I overslept and the Angel knocked on my door and woke me up. HalaluYahuah 

18 June 2022


Shalom Shalom Beloved! 

APTTMH for the spiritual eye. I was grocery shopping and went down the candy isle. Came across the M&Ms and saw this package the Dove, the portal, and mudra as above so below. Just sharing with the Nation.

Much Love and Shalom 

Cilla M

17 June 2022

Shalom Family,

I supercharged my candle and started it at the hour of my angel Menadel, which is 1140am. My element is earth so i have been burning my candle in sand for the last few weeks. Today I received the character “bet” as my message. I wanted to share this because on the Tree of life, Bet is in the position represented by earth and its in the pillar represented by destruction/judgement. Its also in the position of The Fool tarot card(some of the references have it as the magician but the fool definitely resonates more with the whole message). Its in Sefir Route 12 and the Bet in numbers is 2.

It seems to me as if The Most High’s Right Arm is going to be coming down in judgement but we fools are being worked with by The Holy Sophia to make it to The Most High. We have a lot of work to do but we are closer to The Most High than we know!

Handmaid of the Most High

Shalawam Brotha Levi! I pray all is well with You and Yours! I just wanted to share a photo of my prayer candle that I super charged. It looks like an image on the side of the candle. And also lately or twice now this rainbow appears in my apartment, but it’s never done that before until this month it’s happened twice. Blessings and Prosperity unto You and Yours Brotha Levi!

Gevurah=Might Strength. The sefirot of The EL KANO TAV 




All these Angels come from the Sefirot of Judgement, Might and Severity (GUVURAH)

When ever we talk about judgement we’re talking’ bout the 42 Letter Name and the 42 Angel Names. If you wanna take it a step further go to the

 Shem Vayiset Vayet! 

The  Name of the 72 Letter Name!



ARCHATRIEL YAH. set it off with these names and watch hell break wide open on whoever if they are guilty!

Great connection on that candle. Sand, good idea. Connect with YOHACK & KALLACK

Shalom Family!

I completed my last day of the parsley cleanse last night. Each night was so powerful I will definitely be doing this every 6 months as recommended. I had 4 notable things happen. First, the question i asked of my Guardian Angel started to manifest an answer to me. I began to build my website and literally got it done in a day where i never had the motivation or energy to complete it before. Second, a project I had been working on with my dad finally began to manifest and the product we ordered is on the way! Third, I was told that my family did have a curse placed upon them, before I was born and I was taking the right steps to remove that curse. Fourth, (this is for the ladies) my old man gave me an actual compliment about my body. This has never happened. I was so shocked i just said APTTMHP. I was told that the mother of his other children had cursed me as well, even though I didnt take him from her or anything like that. All I can say is Thank You to The Most High for revealing these things to me so that I can better serve Him in the Kingdom. 

Handmaid of the Most High,

16 June 2022

Good Rising Brother Big Levi,

First I would like to give all praises, honor and glory to Ha’ shem, El Olam, Elohai Olam, THE EVERLASTING GOD!! 

I was on a lunch break talking to my twin sister, and as I was walking I saw a penny, so I picked it up! As we were talking about TMH and what was discussed at the noonday prayer, I happened to see a pine cone underneath the bench I was sitting on, so I picked that up as well. I mentioned to my sister that she needs to catch Abdoula Seer’s last video regarding the 42 Letter Name of TMH, and a HUGE feather literally blew right in front of me!!! WE CANT MAKE THIS UP!!!


Sis Shana AKA Daughter of YAH 

May TMH bless and keep you Beloved!


Shalom Beloved Big Bro Big Levi and The Nation. Great Glory and Praises To The Most High! Recently, I was reading in the Angels book and was going over my emotional, intellectual and physical angels. The Spirit led me to the pages that show the Sephirah and the Archangels based on my Angels. I discovered that 3 Sephirah: Hesed, Netzach & Yesod all include planets that are part of the planetary alignment this month that Sis Lisa talked about in her videos, especially Emethiel/ Moon 🌙 on the 24th. APTTMH for ALL DEVINE KNOWLEDGE AND DOWNLOADS.

Shalom beloved

Cilla M

15 June 2022

Shalom Bro Big Levi

While I were watching the live today, you were speaking about the cascade earthquakes in yellowstones, as I look out my back door, look what is on my sceendoor, I took a picture of him, I talk to this cascade and told him I have taken your picture, you can not make these things up, The Most high hear’s us my people, and this is a big one, so what every the nation doing keep up the work Bro Big Levi, it’s working.

Selah: Lorey S

14 June 2022

Annana update -Sis Yolanda

Shalom Brother Big Levi and Brother Devin.

I have prepared the following charts for the 8k Warriors. I have an avid interest in all things pertaining to astronomy and astrology due to the influences of my angels Nelkhael, Nith-Haiah, and Iahhel. I have provided links for the nation to hopefully get their personal birth chart. My pedagogy is heavily influenced by Nelkhael in that I believe in teaching a man to fish.

I feel strongly this is my work/ministry. I will continue to send these weekly as I’m able, since my day job as an accountant/glorified bookkeeper keeps my very busy at the fiscal year end. I work on the NYC government’s plantation.

Peace be unto you both.


Sweet Influences of the Mazzaroth Week of 2022.06.12.pdfDownload Sweet Influences of the Mazzaroth Week of 2022.06.19.pdfDownload

Found 22 feathers at the beach this just half

Sis. Yolanda

13 June 2022

Today, I painted my own personal pentacle of protection that I will carry with me wherever I go. Through the power of the Most High and His 24 angelic elders on the right hand side, I call for a divine, continuous, constant and uninterrupted seal of protection from my guardian angels; backed fully by Venus, the planet of love.

I accept this done right now with Full Power. I AM this done right now with Full Power.

Selah, so be it ♀

Brother Devin A.

I LOVE, therefore I AM ♀

10 June 2022

This is the first time I’m writing to you so forgive me I’m getting used to all this stuff computers and texting send the messages I came into this true for about 25 years and really understood around 2014 they’re honest re-educating myself through rap the news,coachei n fight, then came Ahyal ban Ephraim, Abdullah stairs, big Judah and then you two years ago and then the rest of the people I been watching and studying. I see things with new eyes now or sometime more than I can bear but I got to keep pushing through. I see Hebrew writing and symbols, take a look and see maybe my imagination or either way I would like to do my part.

Hey Bro Levi, I just wanted to share this image, I did not read the article, so you do not have to read it either, but I wanted you to share this with the nation on your live video next time you load.  

Bro. Levi do you remember when I called in to tell you about my dream or when I were carried away in the Spirit to meet Lott and his two daughters, yes I am sister Lorey(laurie) that how you spelled it in your video, while I was strolling down looking youtube, this what I came across this image, i just screenshot the image, look what it’s says, Remember Lot’s wife, Lott’s wife were destroyed for disobeying YAH, he told them to go to Zohar a place of safety while he destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, this is my confirmation that the Most High is speaking to me/ the nation do not worried about what going around you or in this world, quote, “I got you”,” I have prepared a place of safety in ZOHAR”, the place where he told Lot to go and leave sodom and gomorrah while he destroyed them.

While they are swagger jacking our stuff, The Most High is still in the mist, so shalom to you Bro. Levi and the Nation we are going to be safe, no Jacob troubles.

Go be at peace.

Sis Lorey

06 June 2022

Brother Levi,

I have a few things to share! Firstly that I’ve been obedient to TMH and now my abusers have decided I must go. I was evicted by them, but they can’t even agree on a date(end of this month,July4 this year,then January, back to July 4!!). They gave me a piece of paper but turned around and are arguing with one another about it. My dad is trying to pretend to be a smiling face after doing that nonsense and my mom keeps trying to make conversation. I’m not engaging either. Yet his horror is acceptable to them both? I am staying obedient and going to legal things, as The Most High informed me they owed me money. I was involved in a deadly car accident in 2003 as a minor and they purposefully neglected to tell me a settlement was made for me. I’m nervous and irritated at my parents for their hands in all my pain and suffering over the years as well. I’m their child, why be so evil?

Next thing, Most High has been sharing visions about them, and your words about “being kept from rest” were poignant for me. Now that I’m aware I drive out,cut down the demonic and subdue as TMH has taught me. It was so bad TMH has to speak to me in the waking world or put me in a place and have me rest because of waiting!

Last thing. Father has marked my forehead with shapes. I had a terrible headache yesterday, and it was one spot so I used a rose quartz on my third eye. I was able to sleep. When I checked today I had two squares and a long swipe in the middle like a face almost(photo attached). I’ve noticed since having this that my prayers are clearer and things are moving in proper order, almost like what was stolen from me was forcibly returned to me.

My prayers and the prayers of the nation to Father are heard and granted now! 

May everyone be blessed that are of His flock.

Elizabeth Hamilton

Hi Big Levi! APTTMH ! I am Mr. Jose Morales

Mwife and I am in Brasil right now taking care of my health. Thank you for all your advises about taking care of our body and spirit.

wife and I am in Brasil right now taking care of my health. Thank you for all your advises about taking care of our body and spirit.

brother Big Levi I made my cell phone experience asking if I am an israelite. I dreamed that my husband asked me what they answer me and I told him that they said YES!

Then a week later I made it again asking what tribe I belong to. I dreamed the angel showed me this: “SONJA” Can you help me with the meaning of this?

Thank you and God bless you deeply dear brother!!!!!

Miriam Gricheno

Shalom, Big Levi

After our prayer on Thursday, I went outside later in the afternoon and look at what I saw in the sky.  A giant plume in the clouds.  This was the only cloud in the sky at that time.   Halleluyah.  Halleluyah.  Halleluyah.  

Linda Rochon

Dear Brother Big Levi

I would  like to share what happened to me  couple weeks agos.  This incidences happened after I ordered the Tabak. I went to do groceries couple days after I ordered Tabak. I went into dollar store and the first thing I saw was black  small towels in the  area that it shouldnt  be. When I went to pay for the items at the counter, there were  one  can of coca cola right in front of me at the counter. later that day, I went to filled my  propane tank, at front of the place there was a kitty pool. in everning that day, I went to Walmart, after finish groceries, I went  to pay for my items, of all the cashier place I end up on the cashier counter that has alcohol bottle in  the back. So I pick up a small vodka bottle. All these incidences gave me a confirmations  to do the Cleansing. The only things I did not see was black candles . I believe The Most High want me to get it from you. Can I still be able to order black candle from you  Brother Big Levi?


Shalom. Alot of things been happening to me lately. From plums, to messages to every. I don’t how post to the community..Still very much a Amateur on the media. Buildings are flooding and burning around me. So much so one of my neighbors accused me of why those things happening. It’s getting real and raw. 

Here’s what happen to me Yesterday..Now Big Levi alot of this information is new and I’m learning as fast as possible. But one thing I do with power and with great efficiency is PRAY. 

SO yesterday..

So the Angel Michael appeard to me at 12pm noom  yesterday..Presented himself as a Ismaelite feller. 3 children in the back seat of the car and himself 4. The four Angel’s were all present. The two witnesses were in the parking lot in their cars watching this encounter very closely to give records back to the courts of Heaven. 

This fellor lost his Wallet.. He was decked in gold and jewels all over from rings to necklace and bracelets, watches and everything. Three beautiful children with glows. He lost his Wallet had nothing. He needed 10 bucks for gas just to get back home many cities away to his backup physical money. 

He in return took off his gold ring and gave it to me and said have it I just need to get home. Out of ignorance and not trusting. 

Here’s where the GRAVE MISTAKES WAS MADE. 1. I Didn’t recognize they were Angel’s and the numbers nor did I recognize the witnesses until hours after this early morning when the Holy Spirit and the Angels come and give the reports of the events.

Don’t turn down this Truth. Dont turn down the gold and the glory of the Great God of Abraham  who is true to his promises.

2. I turned him down and cursed him. 


After heavy Repenting and Prayers and asking all the witnesses for mercy..

The Nation must understand how serious and real it all is. 

All Praises to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


  1. Good afternoon family brother Carlson here giving a persecution testimony Soo I was at school and I got Jumped by my entire class it was 12 students all of them stumping me,kicking me and punching me in the face and it felt like other kids joined them and started kicking me so as I was getting beaten by this crowd of people my mind was crying out too Yah and I got sent home early and not 1 drop of my blood was spilled neither was I in any pain it was like I didn’t get touched at all💯💯👍🏿👍🏿 APTTMH🙌🏿🙌🏿

  2. Cliff Michael Israel..

    Shalom Big Levi, and Family. I’m just not figuring everything out. Even though I been getting messages, i had no idea what they meant or anything. Since I been following this channel I now do.

    June 21 2022 I was shopping a Dollar Tree and Gentile woman accused me of stealing and assaulting her. She wanted to banned me from the store because she hates seeing me there. The cameras of the store recorded everything..Yet they hid that. June 28th I went to court and they wanted me to take a plea deal, I denied it. So they added a Robbery charge. August 23 i went back to court and they dismissed the Gentile girls claims and dismissed the case. Now all I’m still dealing with is the added charge for not taking plea deal. APTTMHY.

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