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Holy Testimony

Holy Testimony

01 June 2020

Dear Brother. Levi when I watched your video today, I almost felt off the chair. you were talking about removing unwanted people from our lives. I woke up in early this morning, doing my garden works. All certainly the spirits urged me to go inside and removed almost 1000 people that I added to my Face Book.couple years ago. I was removing them in hurry. After I removed all the strangers that I dont even know on my face book, I just asked myself what just happened. I did prayed to The Most High lately regarding attack by the negative energies. Today The Most High gave me the solution my problem. I was adding all the strangers into my life in social media that draining my energy and the unGodly people that I shouldnt Associated with. THANK TO THE MOST HIGH AGAIN FOR COMING TO RESCUE ME.

Dear Brother Big Levi

when I watched your video today, I almost felt off the chair. you were talking about removing unwanted people from our lives. I woke up in early this morning, doing my garden works. All certainly the spirits urged me to go inside and removed almost 1000 people that I added to my Face Book.couple years ago. I was removing them in hurry. After I removed all the strangers that I dont even know on my face book, I just asked myself what just happened. I did prayed to The Most High lately regarding attack by the negative energies. Today The Most High gave me the solution my problem. I was adding all the strangers into my life in social media that draining my energy and the unGodly people that I shouldnt Associated with. THANK TO THE MOST HIGH AGAIN FOR COMING TO RESCUE ME.

Shalawam Brother Big Levi and Brother Abdoula Seer, this is sis Lisah akaZe, I found some wonderful gems in this book and thought I would share with the Nation. 

HalleluYahx3, Peace, love and the Highest Light of the Ain Sof Aur, Shalom🙏🏾🙋🏽‍♀️💕

01 June 2022

It popped up on my feed that today, someone actually caught it coming out of the sun.


mim-sa Yashar’El

31 May 2022

Look at The Most High.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 We serve an awesome GOD!!! The pictures tell the whole story of YAH ‘s protection. On Friday, the garage where my son’s car was parked had a big fire, destroying 12 cars. His car was park right next to where the fire department determined was the safe periphery. Never doubt that His angels encamp round those who fear Him. Have a blessed day beloveds.🥰💕💕💕🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

V Stevenson

Shalom Big Levi,

This morning I went into the post office and an elderly Hebrew lady asked for $5 to get some food because she was homeless. I had all my few cash together and I was going to split it with her but she asked can I have all of it.  I laughed a little and gave it to her  & told her call on TMH so he can send the angels to minister to her. 

I needed a thank you card for my package & look what was the first card I see in the post office,the beautiful anana.  APTTMH I felt like the Shamayim acknowledged me following orders & the little lady will be seeing better days.  

Peace & protection Big Levi,

Wonders-J. Allen

This is the star in my home. Right now it’s throughout the house and although I’m living with others, only I can see the lights. If you look closely, it’s becoming a spiral. It matches the spirals  from my dream, and the ones I see outside and on the screens of my phone,  computer, and tablet. When I look directly at the light, I can actually see the lights spiraling and pulsating in a circle of white, blue, green, and red.

Big Levi, I activated my avocado to cure pain, then tried it on myself. OMG…IT WORKED, I’m still amazed. It’s been two days and no pain. I’ve already created the remedy for alcoholism for the mother of a Gentile acquaintance. I’m just waiting for my friend to return from vacation…I’ll keep you posted.

I already wrote a post about the avocado for the Family, but I wanted you to know firsthand. I’m EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to you, the Masters, but above all my Beloved Heavenly Father the Great and Powerful I Am that I Am ❣️❣️❣️…I’m learning and it’s working 🌿🌿🌿

mimsa Yashar’El

Look at The Most High.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 We serve an awesome GOD!!! The pictures tell the whole story of YAH ‘s protection. On Friday, the garage where my son’s car was parked had a big fire, destroying 12 cars. His car was park right next to where the fire department determined was the safe periphery. Never doubt that His angels encamp round those who fear Him. Have a blessed day beloveds.🥰💕💕💕🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

30 May 2022

Apttmh i saw this in my dreams it came through my town it took out alot of people it took out the people house next to me where i could see the inside of their house but my house was not touched i give him all the holy praise i live in Indianapolis Indiana

28 May 2022

APTTMHY, Big Levi and fa-mi-ly 💕

It appears to be a face on my Ananah.

If you guys see it APTTMHY 💕 this is my third Ananah they say three times is a CHARM😇 just wanted to share with Nation have a Blessed Shabbat…

Savvy me💓

27 May 20222

Shalom Big Levi,

In the noon prayer replay I saw a comment from Astarte Jones in the chat…. She  had a dream about trying Beyoncé’s clothes?  I don’t know when she had her dream but last night I had a dream about Beyoncé. Beyonce was making the head of people warp into some type of animal. Beyoncé was turned into a tree in the dream so she couldn’t follow me & someone else. Just sharing I don’t follow Beyoncé but it was strange seeing Astarte saying they had a dream about her. 

26 May 2022

All praises to the most high i did the homework with the background i didn’t see my angel but i believe he came to or she in the form of a bird looking like a hen and a eagle which layed this egg black with red not sure but i also heard the name gary the Hugh bird looked at me with peace and serenity at first i was very scared when it came to me but i looked it up and it represents fertility which my guardian angel represents fertility the name gary means baby boy hebrew origin ,Aspear mighty with a spear

This is my cloth i wrap up my candle when praying this what it formed it looks like a giant hand

The bird look like this

25 May 2022

Anana has answered another request

APTTMH BIG LEVI…I opened this match box and look what was in it 😳 


U may share if u like with the nation…

Aloha, Big Levi…

Being homeless, the only alternative to position my pineapple, was in my storage unit.

Days, weeks, as we come to the end of this month, passed with major incidents of financial fortitude & monetary advancements. 

It wasn’t until yesterday, I discovered a mauled hole, the size of a golf ball, on the money defending exterior of my pineapple.

 Ofcourse, almost immediately, I went into critical thinking mode to decipher this hidden message on what “rat” is eating away at my financial defense. 

Not long after, the Spirit directed me to 1 Samuel 6:1-9  (the plague of rats & tumors). 

Long story, made short…replacement of my stolen goods, along with a pretty handsome compensation package, is on its way; from the very hands of my enemies, who “swagger-jacked” me in the first place.



Shalom beloved Big Levi and Family. I did the homework with the candle 🕯️ last night. 

This is what I woke up too.

I didn’t get a answer from my angel 👼🏽 but I am going to try it again 

25 May 2022 today


Queen Mommie

24 May 2022

Shalom to the Big Levi family. APTTMH for he is good and his mercy endures forever. I would love to share this message with you all that the angels are constantly around us.

I was on a bus on my way to assembly and received a call from a beloved sister. She informed me that yet again certain members of the assembly were gossiping and coming upon the loins of the praise & worship team, of which we are both part of, this has been going on for many months.  This news really upset me as Father, some time ago had given me specific instructions that I must keep praising him. I started doubting myself and was going to walk away due to the attacks by these same individuals. Sitting at the back of the bus I cried to Father in despair. Seconds afterwards I noticed in the seat in front of me some graffiti, but shrugged it off. I then took a closer  look and saw the word Metatron. I laughed and gave great praise and glory to The Mighty One for his message. I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAISE YOU FATHER.

Shalom Daughterof Zion 92

Shalom Bro Devin,

Warm greetings to the Nation and thank you Big Levi for the various experiments you have shared with the family on our heritage. I also extend my appreciation to the Nation for sharing there testimonies and articles. They are very empowering and informative.

This is my third Anana and I have benefited from it. Recently there was an increase in my energy bill was increased from £40 to 70. I called and requested for a reduction, was reduced to £50

On the 16th May I recieved a letter from the council, highlighted at the top left side of the letter it said ” important information ” it was good news the council will come and install a new central heating system, I was wow this is unexpected. A contactor has come to do a survey for installation, when I asked the cost it was above 3k. 

All this for free All Praises To The Most High. Truly TMHC keeps on Showering us With HIS goodness and loving kindness.

Peace and Blessings 👊 


Shalom beloved, Big Levi.

My apologies, Gmail has been pestering about paying for storage for this account. Anyway, truly appreciative to the Most High for both you, sensei, and everyone who contributed to the nation whether gentile or Yahudiym. I meant to share this with you about this ad I seen recently before I went to sleep the other night. This was not long after assignment for the avacodo. Did you know there’s a mattress company by the name Avocado? You can’t make this stuff up beloved. 🥑🛌 🤭 APTMH❣🙌🏾👑 💕🙏🏾🙇🏾‍♀️ MTKRF Selah so be it❣

21 May 2022

Haitian Tabak received! -Mama Ruach.

Asking for other remedies/uses of the Tabak. What other problems can it solve? -Mama Ruach

19 May 2022

Thanks Beloved Brotha Big Levi for being about the business of the Beloved Mighty One❣️❣️❣️

A few weeks ago, I shared a dream with our Beloved Brotha about a cleansing, purification. Initially, I was not happy about the dream, because it was not the usual dream. Now, I have more clarity and I’m looking forward to the upcoming cleansing. This is definitely a cleansing far removed from ivory soap 🧼🧼🧼 and candles 🕯🕯🕯…I still use them both 🤫🤫🤫, it’s witchcraft!!!


mim-sa Yashar’El


I recently discovered my estranged sister opened credit cards in my elderly Mother’s name. Mother passed away June 2022.

After refinancing Mother’s Home into a reverse mortgage, she proceeded to open an American Express card ranking-up in excess of $28K in charges as of 2019 when, I uncovered the fraud.

I took immediate corrective action and brought it to their Fraud Department’s attention. I also created a Portland Police Bureau Report. Knowing this was the smoking gun, I knew that, this was just the beginning of the rabbit hole.

Alchemist, please join me to out the following individual(s):

Mrs. Debbie Latonya Doyle-Clavon she is married to a beta boy-toy with the same last name, after the dash.

I don’t care about her tax business. I want to see her perpwalk in Chains & Leg Irons quickly, fastly & swiftly!

Mother’s End-Days were a living Hell. I did all I could do to ensure she wanted for nothing. I just wished Mother would’ve alerted me sooner. I’d be under death row awaiting my execution date 8 years ago.

😔😭😢 I am numb! I cannot focus. I am ferious❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥☠️☠️☠️

Bro. Rodney

Found when i went looking for sand


PEACE and much love. Finally chilled enough to remember what happened to me and share what I’ve learned in a calm enough fashion.

Attached is:

-audio testimony of the full moons in virgo (march 18 2022) and scorpio (may 15 2022) and friday the 13th.

-video/pic of what appears to be chariots in the sky. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kMy8UQP4C1ReZEqMC03ffXrj2g01fBxe/view?usp=sharing

-pic of crystals and pentacles I was working with.

Link to audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rK_JLxd3mUaSMBpBiZ4O1TEu-lbDWe-3/view?usp=sharing

I do wish to share this with others, but the content is sensitive and not for the faint of heart. Feel free to share this with whoever you’d like.


Ali J.

P.S. I saw chariots in the sky again the morning of may 19. These fools have no idea what they’re messing with…

18 May 2022

Good afternoon Big Levi,

My name is Thelingwane  (Teddy) August Mokwaqa from South Africa and I was born in 1986 October 22. The dreams I have below all started way in 1999 till to date.

In the year 1999 I dreamt of the earth seems like EARTH falling below the hole as if are nuclear or bomb has been dropped from the earth, everything including buildings as if they are falling in big hole.

This happened while I was watching and I ran away from the effect of building falling and I didnt want that effect to catch. That happened like it was coming in my way, and I ran away.

2. Dream 2

This dream also happened in the year 1999 before millenium, I saw the hot SUN coming near the earth and all the people around me were crying and be burned by SUN near the earth, the SUN happen to be so close to earth like it could be 100 meters in height or 328,084 feet in height.

3. Dream 3

This dream happened this year, I was looking in the SKY at night and I saw stars and big lights in the SKY, apparently the SKY opened as if its curtain was opening and I saw big blue and gold lights. While I was watching I saw a big winding AIR like tornado coming from the SKY now the SKY is no more is like things changed from night to mid day. While I was watching I saw that winding AIR like a tornado passing infornt of ME. I followed the Wind and after passing a road between FARMS where there is plantations, I saw a BIG BLACK BULL fighting with WHITE man in the ages of 50 years, and the WHITE MAN was trying to HOLD THE BULL with its horns and the BULL was fighting and being stronger than HIM in power. In the process I saw 2 BLACKS DOGS with fine shiny  hair looking at the fight.

4. Dream 4

This dream happened as I’m in church and I saw one of the congregants in front of the church as if HE is the leader or elder in the church, called ME and to come to him and I saw myself Levitate to him.

5. Dream 5

I always dream of myself studying and sometimes being in an exam writing exam, sometimes appearing as if I didn’t study well and being afraid that I left certain questions in the exam.

6. Dream 6

I dreamt of someone appearing or dressing like a hebrew with Hebrew garments and wooden necklace and having a beard like original hebrews. The person was a black man, and he gave 2 garments on the table as we are in the classroom. One was BLACK garment with Golden lace around the neck. And he gave me another one with SKY BLUE with A BLUE COLOR mixed with WHITE color. The garment color looks like one below like a candle.

16 May 2022

Shalom beloved family this is what TMH is doing in my city.

TMH is opening up the land so that these demons can’t make money 🤑 off of his chosen people. https://www.wusa9.com/amp/article/news/local/sinkhole-frederick-sinkhole-maryland-brillante/65-ebe32923-294c-46f8-88c7-c43e609aeede

APTTMHY he is GRAND 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

-Queen Mommie

Peace and Blessings Bro. Devin,

It Renee Copeland from Massachusetts.  I just came in from taking pictures of the full flower blood moon. I didn’t get a lot of pictures because of the cloud coverage but here are the ones I got. You can share them with the nation. 

Renee C.

15 May 2022

Shalom Big Levi and Family,

I would like to give honor to the Most High for all that he has done for me and thank him again for allowing the Brother to have his platform.

A few months ago I requested prayer for all of the horrible smells in my home that I could not get rid of although everything in the house has been replaced as of 2017. About two months ago I tackled one smell that was coming from the bathroom sink so I had the trap and drain replaced. Yesterday, May 13,2022, I finally got around to consecrating my pendulums and being that I had so many problems in my bedroom, I consecrated the entire bedroom. Well, today, on my Sabbath day, as I was listening to Big Levi’s video that he uploaded this morning, something told me to remove the only floorboard that I never had removed ( behind the door) during my remodeling. I had it taken off, I threw my holy water and holy salt on that area then soon after I cleaned it with some cleaner. Would you believe the smell that I have been smelling started wreaking from that area. It smelled of paint thinner. I said all Praises to The Most High for showing me this. 

I felt badly for breaking my Sabbath, but I couldn’t leave the area exposed so I went to Lowes to get some primer and a paintbrush. I had to prime the area and after a while, the smell was gone. I plan to go around the entire bedroom tomorrow and remove the floorboards and prime the areas.

My problem is very vast and convoluted, without going into any details, I sued a certain entity in 2013 ( They won although they admitted to fault) that begins with a G, has a V in the middle and ends in T, and my life has not been the same since on every level. I am asking the Nation to pray for me again so that I can remove the smell out of my bedroom once and for all. I may have to get more new carpet as well. I stay sick all the time inhaling those fumes at night. I was just sick this Thursday and Friday. I could barely do anything. So please keep me in your prayers.


Sis. Lolita

14 May 2022

Shalom Big Levi and Family,

I would like to give honor to the Most High for all that he has done for me and thank him again for allowing the Brother to have his platform.

A few months ago I requested prayer for all of the horrible smells in my home that I could not get rid of although everything in the house has been replaced as of 2017. About two months ago I tackled one smell that was coming from the bathroom sink so I had the trap and drain replaced. Yesterday, May 13,2022, I finally got around to consecrating my pendulums and being that I had so many problems in my bedroom, I consecrated the entire bedroom. Well, today, on my Sabbath day, as I was listening to Big Levi’s video that he uploaded this morning, something told me to remove the only floorboard that I never had removed ( behind the door) during my remodeling. I had it taken off, I threw my holy water and holy salt on that area then soon after I cleaned it with some cleaner. Would you believe the smell that I have been smelling started wreaking from that area. It smelled of paint thinner. I said all Praises to The Most High for showing me this. 

I felt badly for breaking my Sabbath, but I couldn’t leave the area exposed so I went to Lowes to get some primer and a paintbrush. I had to prime the area and after a while, the smell was gone. I plan to go around the entire bedroom tomorrow and remove the floorboards and prime the areas.

My problem is very vast and convoluted, without going into any details, I sued a certain entity in 2013 ( They won although they admitted to fault) that begins with a G, has a V in the middle and ends in T, and my life has not been the same since on every level. I am asking the Nation to pray for me again so that I can remove the smell out of my bedroom once and for all. I may have to get more new carpet as well. I stay sick all the time inhaling those fumes at night. I was just sick this Thursday and Friday. I could barely do anything. So please keep me in your prayers.


Sis. Lolita

Shalom brother Big Levi and Family. I was in my bedroom and I heard a noise outside my window. There sitting on my balcony was not one but two Doves 

TMH is telling us to be at peace family. He was also letting me know that my he will be performing my surgery on Monday morning 16 May 2022.

APTTMHY 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Peace and blessings

Queen Mommie

13 May 2022

Shalom Brother Levi,

My sister and I have both been caring for an anana..( we had financial miracles along with many signs from the hold fruit of TMH) but today my sister went to Lowe’s and look what they are selling in the garden section.  A solar anana. smh. The heathen commercializes every thought & history from our people. We both had not seen Lowe’s selling this before but perhpas we both missed it and the nation has seen it previously. We both said Swaggerjackers to your recent teachings!!!!

All Praises to The Most High YAH!!

Wonders /J.  Allen

13 May 2022

Update: I asked the Mighty one to return the car to the owners and APTTMH the car was found WITH THE THIEF INSIDE at a gas station last night. The possessions inside were gone but the car was returned. 

Our prayer fasting repenting and praise ARE FAR MORE POWERFUL than we understand! The name of The Most High is to be feared and respected!

12 May 2022

That boiling pot must have worked because last night my sisters brother in laws girlfriends car was stolen out of the driveway and mine was untouched. Im assuming all the demon saw was a boiling pot and a car and took the car. APTTMHI was listening to brother Abdoulas’ prayer before i went to sleep and literally dreamed about the car being stolen out the driveway. I had the same car a long time ago so i assumed it was about my old car. It wasnt stolen in real life but that time was tough for me because my grandmother died prematurely. I still thought it was odd to have that dream because I have already emotionally dealt with that situation. Imagine my shock when i woke up and found it was stolen for real. 

What we are experimenting with is REAL! Thank you for all you do!

I also want to share that I tried Brother Abdoul’s Anana experiment alongside Brother Levi’s Anana experiment and am including some pictures. 

11 May 2022

I caught this when The Hebrew Widow did her vid this morning.

mim-sa Yashar’El

10 May 2022

Shalom Brother Devin,

I wanted to share this picture with the nation. Back in March I went into my father-in-law’s backyard and observed a deer antler lying in the grass. I always see deer in his neighborhood but never shed antlers.  I walked over to take a look and said, “I’ve never seen a deer antler up close.” I walked away and left it there. A month later Big Levi started talking about the deer antler. I read about its medicinal properties. I said let me go back to see if it’s still lying in the grass. Over a month later it was still there. I went back to get it, scrubbed it, boiled it in water and set it in the sun to dry. 

I know that this was left there for me to discover and use it. I have faith that it will provide healing for some issues that I have prayed about for years. I will do as instructed and let the nation know any results.

Praise Yah!

Kind Regards,

Barakah Bat Yah

Genesis 15:13-14 – Human eyes cannot see spiritual things!!

Shalom Bro Devin

Exciting times of revelation great season of returning to our heritage. It was yesterday I came across this video. It blew my mind.

The content of the video is in line with the natural healing TMH has been revealing to the Nation. Amongst the mentioned fruits and plants are Anana coconut avocado cinnamon banana palmtree and there curative and medicinal power. https://youtu.be/CmMSBlToRQQ

Kindly review great educational information for the Nation. Peace and blessings bro Devin 👊


07 May 2022

Shalom Big Levi – Planning to take the TB today and the Anana is doing some amazing things. Seems to be breaking some things down to rebuild it back better! Lol I’m just sitting back watching this transformation in amazement! Will share once it all works out. Anyway – I was listening to WION last night and heard something interesting that goes along with some of the info we’ve been learning and practicing! Sri Lanka’s President has commissioned his shaman to basically put a spell on the drinking water so that the protesters demanding his resignation will forget all about it! Until you started talking about this some time ago, I never imagined this is what was going down. And this is what they’ve been doing against us for so long. This snippet just proves so much! And now their blessing is over and it’s no longer working! It seems like the crisis in Sri Lanka is only getting worse. We have the Power now! It’s back in our hands and I’m so excited! I feel we’ve always had the power but not the understanding to know what to do. You may have seen this already but if not, go to the 14:09 mark of this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIjgQB9D15c&t=1522s

 Added it to the comment section on your site.

Thanks again for everything you’re revealing and teaching us through the Holy Spirit. It’s on Fire! Thanks for taking your time with us too. It can be a lot to process. My spirit is with everything but it takes my mind some time to grasp this wisdom because so much of it changes the way I’ve perceived everything else. Then all of these experiences, scriptures and everything starts connecting within me like a puzzle all coming together. Wisdom is indeed the most delicious and I savor it. We’re finally getting our deep understanding back and I feel like I’m coming alive again.

Blessings to the Nation! APTTMH!

06 May 2022

Concering the 7 Day Water Challenge, please read and download this article by Mama T. It can also be found written out in full on the “News and Articles” section of the website.

Water + 7 Growth Work by Mama TDownload


My daughter and I were out for a walk this evening.   She is pregnant with her first child.  When we returned home I found  this wonderful present on her car.  We walked by the birds without seeing them..  I walked in the house and was ready to lock the door when I saw the birds. They stayed on the car for a long time..  We have her car ready with her go bags and car seat. 

 I have been praying for my family, the nation and for my daughter to have  a safe delivery for her and the baby.    I did the 40 day challenge,  most of the homework and am getting ready for the June homework.   My Anana is still beautiful.  I know these birds are a sign but don’t know what it is.. If anyone has a response I would love to hear it.

Thank you,

Peace be unto the nation


04 May 2022

Good afternoon Bro Devin

I came across this picture While searching thru to find something else, I took this picture going down route 5 here in Maryland at the end of last year, this is what I saw. Enlarge to see.

The Most High reveling and showing us signs in the sky. HalleluYah.


I burned this on Sunday, this is what remained after. At first I thought it was shaped like a swan, but the more I looked the appearance is like that of a snake. I just remembered while watching brother Abdoula’s video. What do you think? If it’s worthwhile you may share with the nation. Thank you for your thoughts and time

Shalom Beloved Big Bro Big Levi, just sharing a few pics that you can share with the Nation.  Last Saturday I was at a park with my dog and looked up and took the picture.  I forget the name of the clouds but thought it looked like a bunny rabbit.  I also found a white plume in the grass at the park, All Praises To The Most High for His covering! This morning before going to work, I was walking my dog and found thus Big plume, All Praises To The Mighty One!!  Nothing is by coincidence! The cremation company I work for is named NEPTUNE.  The dental office I work next to is named MERIDIAN.   The crematory that I use for the cremation process is named SAINT MICHAEL Crematory.   The last Anana I had did its job and I was able to hit a service production bonus on my job that I have not done since I started the position in 2 years. By the way, my Mom, Sis Barbara aka Sweetie Johnson always keeps you in her daily prayers for the work you do for The Most High!!! HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH HALLELUYAH.  ALL GLORY PRAISES AND CREDIT TO THE GREAT MIGHTY ONE!!! 


Cilla M aka Sis Priscilla 

You are loved beloved Big Levi Israelites family. I smell floral fragrance around us family. It’s like Lillies in the field. I rebuke negative energy so it does not attach itself to the nation of Israelites. We are simply passing through. Slogan: we are a spiritual people having a human (flesh) experience. In my Gates of Huldah voice. Don’t mess it up Israelites (Israel) ANANAs!(Pineapple-highjack)- Undo The Lies….Get your Wealth & Sustenance… https://youtu.be/zzpxUeON4DU Feel free to share my image I capture on Shabbat 🌻

Shalom Big levi,

I had to email you about this one.  Last night I had a vision of a snake that looks like a cobra.  It was looking around a room then all of a sudden I was seeing through his eyes as he looked corner to corner.  This startled me a bit.

This is one of the reasons TMH caused me to get over my fears of snakes and spiders.  I believe Ill be working with these as Im being developed to do so.



03 May 2022

Hey ! Big Levi & Family….

Dont’t know why I even looked?  (But we know why!) I have plenty reusable shopping bags already. But the one in front about Spring  caught my eye so I flipped thru & see what I found…..had to buy me two. And, I haven’t even consecrated mine yet!

Won’t He though? Look at TMH showing out!

Thank u, Father. 


Peace be unto you! APTTMH YAH! May His glorious kingdom reign forever and ever!

I am sharing a document and a audio file to help the Nation learn the powerful miracle redemption prayer, the Ana Bekoach. I find these have helped center me tremendously.

Here is a link to a YouTube which I first used to get the basics of the prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1zA80Crc8g

Again, much shalom!

Ana Bekoach Prayer_NEWDownload

Hello Brother,

Good evening, I don’t know if it is the “7 Gobs of water drinking for 7 days” I am on my third day. Today, my left hand from my palm and fingers are on FIRE, till now, I wrote you on 5/2/2022 at 9:00 pm. Beloved I can feel the heat coming out of it my fingers. Oh yeah, brother I don’t know what were activated, somewhere there. Anyway I was scared, I am not going to lie by saying this. But, when I tried to ask what is happening to me. Suddenly, it popped up out of my head, the “7 Gobs of water drinking” and I become calm and let the heat flow through my arm, and I gave Great praise and glory to TMHY. That’s my testimony, thank you brother Big Levi.


02 May 2022

Shalom beloved family I pray The Most High is shinning his light in your life and thank you for all that you doing for our nation.  APTMH!!


Dreamed I met The Most High I knew who he was immediately POWERFUL Black man he had on Yellow & Black I fell to the ground family asking how could I be worthy to be in his presences he said I am that I am my child. He stood so high a large AFRO and  a mixture of Locks. I than woke up in AWE!!!! (What does this mean)



I Dreamed about of  black cat going through my legs there was a gentile man says you should get this cat he Loves you.  I than woke up (What does this mean)


I Dreamed about a gentile man and I where in a warehouse we than began go up a ladder that would allow us to escape from something but what I don’t know. The gentile men said to me I will go up the ladder first I said okay because he was handicap. He proceed up the ladder as soon got off the ladder a large domain pincer came and tore him into piece so I waited to go up ladder super slow and when I did there two men playing basketball black man and Hispanic man I yelled to them gentlemen your dog is killing this man the black guy ran and grabbed the dog.  I than woke up (What does this Mean)

Thank you

Angela aka Sheebachan

Much Love family

01 May 2022

Shalom my beloved Big Levi and Devin. I pray this email finds you and your family in great spirits health and blessings.

See how our Heavenly Father works. The adults are running around trying to hide their wicked history, taking books out the schools , CRT. That our Father is showing that spirit thru their children. He is the grand Master Chess player, baby🤗🤗🤗

Please share with the nation. Shalom


“It’s unclear who said the racial slur”, White middle school student was caught on video holding a Black student in a chokehold while three other students watched, charged

Nashville News Hub

In the video, that was captured and shared on social media, a racial slur can be heard as a White middle school student holds a Black student in a chokehold while three other students watch. The Black student then appears to pass out. Authorities are trying to determine if there were additional videos. The superintendent released a statement and said that the behavior that occurred in the video will not be tolerated. He also said that the school administrators and the school resource officer took immediate action.

Shared from News Break

-Sister T

Blessings to Brother Big Levi and The Family.  This is the 2nd anana that I have adopted.  This one is named Ana 😊 


Shalom Beloved Big Bro Big Levi! Peace and blessings unto you.  This morning I woke up from a dream that Deion Sanders has died.  I don’t get into sports and not quite sure what that signifies.   I do know that the name Dion means “God” and in Greek the name means “God of Wine”.  The last name, Sanders means “defender of men”. Please share with the Nation if the Spirit leads you to.

Shalom Beloved 💫 

Cilla M aka Sis Priscilla 

I been doing the pineapple for some days now, and today this what happen, i have an home based business where i sell handmade products, include Body Butter, Handmade Candles, a young lady friend of the family came over, did not know that she were going to buy some body butter from me, yes she said that she love my mango body butter, so the young lady did buy one of my product, APTTMHY

Thank you Bro Levi for instructing me on how to remove negative energy so that positive energy can start flowing.

you can see all the products I have at my website https://www.loreyscraftcandles.com


Shalom Big Levi and family I wanted to share this with you.

APTTMHY -Queen Mommie

Shalom Big Levi and Family, 

All praises to The Ain Soph for allowing me to finish this week making 2,078.90 dollars driving for Uber. May The Father continue to bless the Nation with what we need to be better servants. HalleluYah 

Greetings and peace, strangers! Late homework but better late than never.

My pineapple. I got this one on Monday as a Monday child. The name for this fruit is the same in Farsi: Ananas. I’m getting another today on Sunday! Such a beautiful creation. Great decor.

30 April 2022

Today I opened up the Four Corners of the Universe. In each direction. With consecrated Sea Salt. That I consecrated during our 40-day fast.

– Brother Devin A

Shalom brother. Please share with the nation

Shalom family. I am doing the 7 day boiled water homework and I am already noticing that my body is being purged APTTMHY. Whilst washing the pan, which I have had for many years, I noticed the brand on the underside which said ‘spirit cookware Ethos’  I never took much notice of this before but decided to look up the definition of Ethos:
The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations! Wow! Here’s my interuption:The Holy Spirit (wisdom) is manifesting in The Mighty Ones children (us) we are returning back to our culture our  philosophy, values. belief. conduct. conscience. authority.
APTTMHY May the supreme king reign forever.
-Sister Merlin (Daughter of Zion 92)

This happened in Eden OklahomaTMH is speaking to his chosen people loudly. APTTMHY


Peggy Wiley aka Queen Mommie

29 April 2022

Shalom Brother Big Levi I am writing this email to the Family to let you all know that I had an amazing experience on 6th,&7 April 2022.

I recently had to have emergency surgery it went well.

My daughter took such good care of me while I was in the hospital.

That she lost her job over it she said I only have one Mom.

 When I came home I was sitting on my loveseat talking to my friend and TMH sent me a dove.

It flew on my deck and sat in my compost. This happened two days in a row.

I gave TMH All of the Praise and Glory he told me he would give me complete healing.

This maybe a message for some else who is going through something in our weirdo/ peculiar family 

To let them know that he will give them completely healed too 

APTTMHY -Queen Mommie

28 April 2022

They’ve arrived ☺️☺️☺️

All Praise Glory To, His Supreme Majesty, His Excellency His Royal Highness.

Shalawam Devin,

Today I received my; clay oil lamp and deer antler.

Thank you, Most High for using Big Levi for your vessel to bestow our lost and hidden knowledge back to the Nation back to the family. I’ll be using both these tools when I’m meditating and praying to you, our Heavenly Father.

Holy! Holy! Holy! Glory! Glory! Glory! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Peace Be With You.


Sister KX

27 April 2022

Shalom Family
I texted Bro. Levi last evening regarding how to activate my pineapple I purchase on 4/25/22.
I missed the instructions Bro. Levi sent the video I thought it didn’t apply to me regarding homework.

My son is a chef I gave orders he received a call  for an interview as well as a catering event coming soon.
I’m still in training…..

Bj Atl Ga

Shalom beloved Devin, Big Levi & 8K Nation,

I just thought I’d share this magnificent sunset with you all! The Grand Creator is so incredible! This is beautiful work! This sunset had so many beautiful colors in it, I just couldn’t help but take a million photos of it! May peace, light, joy and blessings be speedy unto you! One photo was taken at 6 pm and the other one was taken 20 minutes later.

– Sis Keilah & Bro Eleazar

26 April 2022

Shalom my beloved Big Levi ❤️ super 😄 🤗🤗🤩. It’s here as promised of delivery date, a day early. APTTMHY HONOR AND  POWER GLORY GLORY GLORY 

Shalom Brother King and teacher

I humbly report that I have been given a feather too. Yesterday as usual, I came out of my apartment and began to walk my dog Sandi. She and I take different routes when walking, this time I was just standing there watching her and something told me to look and almost at my feet was a feather 🪶. I feel so blessed to have it now. Just wanted to share it with you.

All praises to Yahuah my King and Savior 

Hello big Levi,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Although I am a married man with three children I had a dream in the early hours this morning (around 3ish) 26th April 2022:

A friend gifted me with a beautiful ring and bracelet or watch (not too sure) which was well put together with black gems or stones of some sort in both items. 

It was strange because the young lady I was about to get married to I didn’t know her name but was embarrassed to ask her, so I whispered to my friend in the dream who gifted me with the ring and bracelet or watch, “what is her name again?” He said “Adoniyah” then I woke up out of the dream.

I did some research immediately, the Hebrew meaning of the name is: The Lord is my God. Blessing upon you and your household, shalom.

Regards, -Kevin…

Came home from work to these birds in my yard never seen them before they stayed a very long time

Beloved Big Levi,

The MOST HIGH SUPREEM MAJESTY haz been so gracious to me, it breaks me into tearz everytime I Meditate on HIM:

1) Since moving three times last year, I waz recently able to renew my Driver’z License with an updated and better looking picture than the old one and for $25 (2+5=7) less in a very short time. The female Indian Attendants that served me were eXtremely polite/respectful and helpful! This literally iz 180 degreez to the treatment I got from an old Indian lady when I waz searching for a motel to overnight during my movez last year!

That Indian woman told me they had no room after asking me who the room waz for and I told her for myself only! After driving out I saw their big “VACANCY” sign below their Marquis! My Brother I waz so angry! I said “FATHER, YOU heard what this woman said to me three times that they have no vacancy when their sign said they have vacancy! I commit her to YOU for YOU to deal with her very strongly for her liez and arrogantly nasty way in which she dealt with me!” Then all the dizasterz in India were popping off non-stop! 

All PRAIZEZ to the MOST HIGH MAJESTY our ABBA for Turning HIZ FACE towardz the Celestial Twelve Tribez once more!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) I also had to renew my Green Card $540 (5+4=9)  blessing & favor for me and jujment for “them”! My Brother, the entire online process took literally seven dayz from my application submission to them printing the new card! Interestingly the old card eXpired one day before the printing of the new one! 

Needless to say I asked the Help of the Earthly Mother Angelz, especially Kabodiel, Rahaviel, Abariel, Oriel, Shemael, Ebedel, Kayal, Emethiel, Rawchatsel, Anahiel, Chadashel az well az my Guardian Angel Aniel.

All PRAIZEZ with my heartfelt ThanXgiving to our ABBA in Heaven, our EARTHLY MOTHER, Elder/Wizer Brother YAHsHaYAH and all the Angelic Hierarchiez.


This is an Encouragement, I feel I must share with yo for you:

In Deuteronomy 34:7, it says “and Moses was 120 years old when he died: his eye waz not dim,nor hiz natural force abated.” I wanted to share this in regard to your eyeglass ritual where you say “…az you’re advancing in age, your eyez are beginning to fail you!” The first time I heard you say it, though it waz a little funny, I kinda cringed inside and Moses came to mind way back then! However I just prayed about it each time you say it. 

Sending you this email, I waz reminded about it and that I should attach this little encouragement that you probably should amend the word “fail/failing” to “getting better/clearer…” whatever pozitive command you want to give your eyez instead of that negative one! My brother, I want your eyez serving you strong and faithfully each day not failing you! Much Love Much Shalom.

Guess what? Az I read the scripture again before typing it, the word “eye” just JUMPED out at me! The word iz singular meaning one whereaz Moses had/have two eyez! So my mouth just dropped wide open becauz the scripture could be esoterically referring to Moses’ third eye! Thoze “canonizerz” apparently forgot to pluralize that word! 

WOW, The MOST HIGH SUPREEM MAJESTY our ABBA in Heaven is totally G R A N D!!!!!!!

Shalawam, Deborah.

25 April 2022

What I saw when I took a photo -Sis Y

Hi Big Levi,

I have two dreams I want to share with you. These dreams come from my chidren (daughter’s), who had these dreams in the same week of each other

1st Dream by my 19 yr old.

  • She and were in New York walking down the street during the day. We were looking for a place to eat and asking a few different people. Then, we started to hear booms 💥 and was trying to figure out where it was coming from. People were looking around and confused then we saw planes in distance. People began freaking out saying Russia is bombing us and they started to run. My daughter and I started to walk quickly to look for shelter. We saw a black lady who tried to help us find shelter, but the places were occupied and she sent us on our way. So, we continued to look for shelter and ended up splitting up. As my daughter was walking looking for shelter she saw people hiding in alleys and behind cars. All the people hiding were non-black people. She ended up seeing a guy a few years older than her who was black that caught her attention, and she asked him “do you know who the Most High is? He said of course I do….so she said come with me, there’s no reason to be scared. So she grabbed his hand and they began to walk down the street. As this was happening the bombs got closer and she started to get a little scared. Then she tapped tge guy next to her to get his attention to follow her and that’s when she began to WALK CONFIDENTLY. At that point the bombs could no longer get close to her and the other black guy. The people (non blacks) in hiding were looking at my daughter and the guy in AWE, like how are they not getting hit.

She and I ended up back together later, along with the guy, and we were all really calm. My daughter then made a statement, “I wonder when the Russians are going to let the Most High’s children go free?” Somehow in her dream, she KNEW they were going to let US out, even though they were bombing all non blacks trying to leave the city in cars, etc.

The End.

2nd dream buy my 13 yr old daughter.

-We were in a field. My daughter’s and I. We were standing behind my daughter (the 13 yr old). In the field it went black, but my 13 yr old could see in the dark. Specifically, she could see three (titans). One was at least 50 feet, and the other two looked about 10 and 12 feet. The 50 feet one looked like a gorilla, and the other two looked human, yet non human.

She says that either her guardian angel or training angel yelled at her to use her POWERS and go…go…go!! So, she started running super fast unlike a human can do, and went from running on the ground to running in the SKY. She then pulled a GOLDEN sword from her arm and began flying around the gorilla titans neck and began to slice him. Then she went down to slicing his abdomen and legs. All of a sudden it turned day again once she touched down on the ground. She said…. me and her sister jumped for joy and started hugging her. When she looked back at the titan he was starting to fall apart. She realized when she took the big titan out, the smaller ones couldn’t live so she didn’t need to fight then. She said she could hear her angel breathe a sigh of relief. She could tell that she was in TRAINING.

The End.

I had a dream, you were speaking to a group of people, I was there. Can’t remember the details, however I wasn’t looking at you. My eyes were drawn to a justice scale, ⚖️ instead of plates,the were ornate jugs or pitchers on both sides. They had some sort of liquid inside them, the top of them were golden. -Sis Michelle

It found me! I was on line at the check out then looked down.

I paid…

-Sis K

24 April 2022

Hello my name is Leah B. APTTMH. I would like to pass this message to the Nation. Big Levi you are on point. On April 23,22 me and my son Jeremiah was sitting at the kitchen table talking. As I’m doing things around the kitchen, I notice a grater hang on the wall and I said to myself that’s a odd place for it to be hanging. I continued what I was doing. My son ask me to guess what was his favorite animals, only given me the last letter of the animals name. One of the animal ended with r and I could figure it out. So, I gave up and he said deer. I’m thinking to myself he never mentioned a deer being his favorite animal. That evening I turned on your channel and you were grating a deer horn and I smile and gave All the Glory to are Grand Master Yah forever in the Mist giving are Family his Grand Instructions. 

Hope you and family are your well my name is Tasha and I’ve been watching you for awhile …I wanted to share this dream with you I had back in 2001 It started with me looking down at our planet I don’t see any stars just void next I see a dragon wrap around the whole planet and it and the planet turns black  then I see a light on the right of me I wasn’t able to turn my head to look at it but it was the only light I could see then a voice spoke to me I only remember the words “when you see the Star of David then you’ll know….Just for context….it felt like I was thrown back into my body I opened my eyes and my daughter was standing over me telling me a black cloud was in her room but she and her sister was safe  because it left she was 7 at the time and her sister 3 I went to work asking about the Star of David because my bosses were “Jew” as Dr Baker started to tell me what it was he laughed and said some idiot crashed into the tower in New York .. that was 9/11/2001 I’m bringing this to you now because since last year it’s been heavily on my mind then a few days ago I came to YouTube and watched a video by Gina Maria Colvin She spoke about a dragon and earth I  tried to leave a comment about this dream and it wouldn’t let me both times I tried  …I don’t know if this means something but I wanted to share …also I just woke from a nap and in that dream I seen the word Abib on the wall people were having a birthday party three babies were there 2 fat and 1 skinny and crying I tried to feed the crying but it had a plastic box on it head that was the only way to get it food  so as I fed it it choked I opened the lid but it was blind from crying I tried to wipe the tears from it’s face but it’s eyes were gone …any way thanks for reading I have so many dreams many I forgot and are now remembering one in particular Russia and a missle I had back in 1999 when I moved to Florida 

All Praises To the Most High Father Yahawah forever 🙏 

Brother Levi my mother and I were sitting in a park just talking and she told me she had a dream about having slaves. In the dream she is rich in money (resources) and slaves working for her. The slaves looked like the Ukraines, they were white. And she told herself what am I going to do with them, I can do all this work by myself but when she look around, there was plenty of land that needed care and large house.  All Praises To the Most High Father Yahawah forever 🙏 Shalom, -Arlene and Liz 

Shalom bro Devin Since the beginning of April some particular pigeons  come to play on my roof top. This are more signs of ABBA Father protection. Thanks giving and Praises TMH. Shalom beloved Family Bro. Hanson

22 April 2022

Blessings Brother Big Levi and family.  Just thought I’d share with u a pic of the new member of the house hold.  I gather some others around so it never feels alone in its journey. -APTTMH -Cynthi Yah

Shalom beloved, today 421 2K22 I received news about my insurance plan I’m in need of dental work and a few other specialist my original plan was going to cost me $33 a month and then 70% out of pocket for my dental, my agent inform me today that the plan is going to be $0 and $0 for my dental work fully totally covered all praises to the Most High may the King Reign forever🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 -Mama Ruach

Grand Risings, my Brotha’ Big LEVI!

This Morning, as I just came out of Prayers and Meditation…I walked out of the door 🚪 of my house (on my way to conduct a Guided Meditation..BOOTS 🥾ON THE GROUND💯).. 

…I looked down and found this lovely Plume (aka feather 🪶)..right  as I exited.🤗

Immediately, Mama RUACH HAKODESH, reminded me of the below scripture! 

All Praises TMH Our Power 🛡⚔️🐉⚔️🛡 –

If you’re are led, please share with the Nation! Thawadah beloved Brotha! -Brotha’ Larry Carn’el 

20 April 2022

Shalom Beloved Angelics…APTTMH 🎋🎋🎋

Finally, it’s finished 🤛🏽🤛🏽🤛🏽

I’ve never tried to make anything of this Nature. However, this is my first attempt at making a Wand. In the past, I was really anal when it came to perfection. However, I’m learning it’s not about perfection, but what your spiritual energy takes in and puts out. I’m sooo grateful for the new creative energy…APTTMH the Great and Magnificent I Am that I Am ❣️❣️❣️

mim-sa Yashar’El

19 April 2022

Grand risings Big Levi. So it’s about almost 6:30 a.m. in Texas and I walked outside to take my dog out and I just so happened to look to the east and in the east. There is this big bright star that I have never seen in my entire life and according to Google I know you don’t like Google. It’s the star Sirius and I am blown away. I know there is some spiritual meaning behind it. I’m doing some research on it to see what more it means, but I don’t know if anybody else would be able to see this star facing east in the early morning. This sky has to be completely clear but I’ve never seen it before. My mind is blown away and I have goosebumps . VWhen I get goosebumps is always means something or confirmation of something may happen. I just wanted to share that with you. You may share it with the Nation as well. Maybe you can put some light on the fact that I saw it and I’m wondering if other people have been seeing the bright star in the east as well. Thank you brother. Shalom and have a great day! Bye-bye

Sister Annamarieyah

I understood her dream/vision; I had a dream/vision Sunday past.First, I went to the grocery store with my grandson Sunday. The stores were closed. Later I took a nap.  I dreamt of the same store and the people were outside trying  the locked doors trying to get in .

A herd of animals passing two by two, I noticed no one else saw them. I caught the eye of one pair and they told me ‘telepathically’ “Do not be afraid; and stay out of the way!” Then I woke up. What is one of the mottos? Do not be moved, do not be dismayed! APTTMHY SHALOM -Sis K

All Praise Most Humble Servant!!

What does this look like to you Brother Levi?? I was walking my last lap at a park in Fort Worth, Tx praying/meditating and Thanking TMH.  I first found a quarter, then I happened to look up at the beautiful sun and my eyes caught the large faint circle around it.

MLMR ❤️‍🔥 – A. B.

18 April 2022

Shalom Family, 

It’s King Wage I have a story to tell but First and foremost, I would like to thank The Most High and Heavenly Father for bringing such an unexpected delivery of a confirmation letting me know he’s guiding me every step of the way in this walk.

On Saturday April 16th such a sunny day with clear skies, I own my own business which requires me to travel to different parts of the Bay Area. I was scheduled to meet with a client at one of those newly constructed apartments around noon time. The whole plan was to get in, knock out the task and move on with the rest of my day. In the middle of my task seem like my allergies started to act up with the sniffles, in the process of wiping my nose it started to bleed never expected this to happen while completing my task. All of this took place outside and winds started to pick up but was very suttle. I stopped in my tracks to wipe my nose with some clean tissue I had in my pocket, at this point my sniffles was becoming consistent, wondering when It was ever going to end. As I looked in the distance I saw a sign on the street from the same apartment complex I was working in and it read in BIG letters TMH right above it read (T)eak (M)e (H)ome, that alone shocked me. I remembered two days ago I prayed and asked for forgiveness/repentance asking TMH to show me a sign I wasn’t alone and in his hands of protection hoping he’s here with me. His way of communicating with his children is very unique in many ways, that third eye which is our first eye needs to be very vigilant to catch these messages. APTTMH!!! -King Wage

17 April 2022

Shalom Bro Devin

This picture was taken above my house, it was so bright and is not a plane, in large to see picture. The Most High is showing signs in the sky. APTTMH


15 April 2022

Shalom Beloved Family 🕊🕊🕊

I ordered a Witchcraft Kit 😀😀😀. Check out the contents…dried herbs and crystals from Nature, which are our Natural Resources. This is how our people have been deceived and refuse to come out of the buffoonery promoted by Gentiles. Gentiles labeled the Natural gifts of the lands as witchcraft, then doctored their Bible using our sacred texts to brainwash the Originals of the Lands. STOP 🛑🛑🛑 listening to the wicked, because the mind control hasn’t ended…APTTMH ❣️❣️❣️-mim-sa Yashar’El

13 April 2022

Yahawashi revealed unto me, the source of all diseases afflicting our Nation. Needless to say, I was violently angered. 

I made several attempts to plead my recent findings to no avail. The canned response, I wouldn’t advise you to wean from your prescriptions. Lemme take a look at your file.

The Reddy E-dumb-mite female swagger-jacked my words against me, “You’re taking to the cinder brick wall.” She then positioned tactic to fear-mongering eccentuating the pseudoscience that, I suffered from strokes, pneumonia, blood clots, Hypertension having; completed a bone marrow transplant.

Mr. Doyle, you’re a very sick man.

It relented suggesting “WE,” start with Dilaudid🥱🥱🥱

Look, I interjected, I dump that poison weeks ago. Great, It replied.

OK, name another prescription? 

I kindly suggest she’d pick one from the list; anyone, pick one.

Amglodipine, I dumped that in 2021.

Mr. Doyle, you suffer from Hypertension and, we need to manage your BP.

Let’s see, did you take your BP today?

One moment, while I have you on the phone…….

BP is 164 / 123! [e.g., NORMAL – YASHARHL]

She shifted into 12 gear fear-mode.

Look, I said, I’m going to end this discussion; I see you’d rather force your petro-poisons on me.

Yea…, good-day Mr. Doyle, I’ll update the records to reflect this conversation [Smirk Tone.]


Sunday, I issued several emails to Dough K. Beers, ripping Esau-Soddomite with scathing reposnses in light of these revelation:

First response: Informed Dough of his true dog-like ancestry. I drug Henery Kissengers’ name to Hell and back proclaimming, he would accompany the Ashkenazi thugs into the Lake of Fire. I  included Psalms 83. Closing with, “To Be Blessed, You Must Bless Yisra’el.”

Prepare to go into captivity for the Sins of your forefathers. 

Second: The correspondence included Genesis 15:13-14. I issued a challenge to Dough: I DARE YOU TO ALERT massod, I D  A  R  E   Y  O  U!!! You’ve awakened the GIANT HYBERNATING GIANT IN ME – I AM A FUTURE KING OF NEW JERUSALEM…..!

You have ¡NO! idea what’s instore for your nation & Psalms 83 Confederates.

They do, trust. They act like they don’t, but…♌️

Third Email, was conciliatory; offering a one-way path to redeem himself; petitioning a path to Salvation.

“My Father will Love & Protect you and, your seed from harm. Noting, it was time to buck this BabylonianEgyption system of troddening down upon Yasharahl with your knees & boots on our necks/backs/faces/ankles with, bullets, butons, chokeholds, etc, etc…

Dough replied moments ago..:

That’s great! You’ve achieved great success! Please provide your source materials as, I want to review prior to our Video session tomorrow. Please, tell me, what meds are you currently taking?


Reply: “nothing.” Fin.


This is the Sixth Hour of Esau-SODDOMMITE’s Armageddon BOWL OF UNRINE & MAGGOTS Cereal. Revel while they slop it down to the last slop. We Have Got Next✊🏾🤴🏾👆🏾 -Rodney

Attachments: 1 https://context.capp.ca/articles/2019/feature_petroleum-in-real-life_pills/#:~:text=Many%20over%2Dthe%2Dcounter%20(,gels%20(like%20hand%20sanitizers)

Attachment 2 https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/21486-pulmonary-arteries

Shalom bro Devin and the Nation. These are pictures I took on a bike route this morning between 10:00am -10:35am.

At 10:07am i saw the first feather the next at 10:18am at 10:25am I saw a 10 pound folded note along the bike route that. Then at 10:35 almost at the end of the bike route I saw another feather. APTTMHC for Michael the protector is in the midst. -Hanson

12 April 2022

APTTMH! Greetings and peace!

Thank you Devin / Big Levi for putting up a website where the people can share their experiences. Attached is a voice recording detailing these wonderful dreams my wife and I were blessed with last night.

Much love! – Ali Y on YT chat

11 April 2022

Don’t Plant your Flowers over TMHY

-Sis. T

While home schooling my granddaughter; we were studying OUR HISTORY and the Mayans. She found information about 2022 being on the Mayan calendar as  2012. I told her I was not sure but we could pray for an answer. The next night she was looking at the monitor for the outside cameras and started to thank The Most High. I ran in to see what was going on and this is what we saw. A Mayan God’s body and face (side view) on the ground at my door. APHGTTMH🙏🏾 -Teresa Poplock

09 April 2022

Exodus: 12 And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt saying,

2 This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.

Leviticus 23:5 Leviticus 23:5

“In the fourteenth day of the first month at even is the LORD’S Passover.”

Each new moon [no moon] is the beginning of each month. Our people were not following any calendars; Roman, Gregorian, otherwise just the stars and signs, etc.

Abib [Spring]

An ear of corn, the month of newly-ripened grain (Exodus 13:4; 23:15); the first of the Hebrew ecclesiastical year

Spring starts when the vernal equinox of equal day light and equal night light has come and gone. This is the new year. The first New moon after is the first month[Nisan]. This year the first New moon after the spring equinox was March 31, 2022. Fourteen days after is April 14. The posers Jews watch for the first ‘sliver’ of the moon, we are not to do this! This is profane. [They are staring theirs April 15, 2022. We do not do as they do!

Every New moon after is the beginning of a new month. Every 90 is an appointed feast.

As I learn, I try to share. Please fee free to do as well.

In short; 1. The spring equinox 2. First new moon. 3. 14 days starts appointed feast of unleavened bread.

Pray about everything, learn what and when you can, do from a pure heart. APTTMHY

Shalom Family -Pandora Croome

Shalom Bro Devin Bro Big Levi My warmest greetings to the Nation. These are some pictures and videos of the TMHC Holy signs of protection and assurance I took. APTTMHC for HIS protection and banner of Love ❤ over the Nation. -Hanson

08 April 2022

Shalom, APTTMH and Peace be unto the Nation,

This is brother Devin. I just wanted to share a few photos and videos of where I live in the Vancouver area of British Columbia Canada. Last September I went camping in Squamish, BC and it was as if the Most High’s angels and his glory were on ultra mode. The nature, the peace, and the serenity of the event, and all of the breathtaking scenes and God’s beautiful creatures. It was surreal to take in. During the entire time my mind was at ease, and I finally had time to meditate and concentrate on the Most High and his creation. I am so blessed to live here, just two hours away! And I just wanted to let the nation know who I am, where I live, and that I am here and that I am at peace, and that I am a servant of the Most High foremost and always. Therefore I am in humbe service to our people.

I am honestly still in awe that the Most High would even consider me as worthy of administering his website. To say that it is an honour is am understatement, but I was directed by him to do so, therefore I must. If the nation has any testimony, dreams, visions, photos, videos, books, or would like a question answered or just want to talk, I am here, and will do best that I can. My email address is in the “Contact” section of the website. Much love, dearest family. May the Most High reign supreme Forever and ever.

Peace and Blessings,

Brother Devin A.

07 April 2022

Seen this behind my house. This is the face of a Black man

06 April 2022

My dream started with me sitting in a building that doubled as a gymnasium and a church sanctuary. I was having a conversation with a person as I was facing the exit door and some windows. I looked up and saw droves and droves of people running towards the ‘church’!. I immediately got up and excused myself to get ahead of the traffic that was coming. I stopped to ask someone “what is going on?” Their response was “It’s coming back and it’s going to be worse than before!” For as far as I can see people kept flooding in this church/gym. My reaction was to get home and get out of the way. APTTMHY -Pandora Croome

05 April 2022

All Praise Glory To His Supreme Majesty Our Royal Highness 👑👑👑 Shalawam Devin, Big Levi and family 🙏🏾🔥🛡️🪶 Peace Be With You All and your loved ones. I’d like to share my testimony regarding, the attempted theft of of my motorbike. All Praise Glory To The Most High Yah of Yasharahla. HalleluYah! HalleluYah! HalleluYah! Glory! Glory! Glory! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna! Holy! Holy! Holy! Adonai! Selah. May The Almighty King Reign Forever – The Great I Am 👑

04 April 2022

Shalom Big Levi and Beloved Family ❣️❣️❣️,

I pray everyone is well and continuing to hold the line⚔️⚔️⚔️. I wanted to share a pic I took last week, March 29. No touch ups or changes have been made…APTTMH

Shalowam Family, -mim-sa Yashar’El 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

01 April 2022

Shalom brother Devin, Big Levi, greetings to you and the nation.  On March 24th, 2022 around 4:30am I put on brother Seer video Yahuwah Adonai El’Elyon will bring the final redemption of the Hebrew. I was laying there with my eyes closed mediating on his words. I must have gone really deep as I saw my husband sleeping and myself on the bed but a demonic entity entered the room and was just standing by our bed. I tried to talk but couldn’t hear anything as the energy was extremely strong. I remember the words you gave the nation and I said it. The entity disappeared but reappeared shortly after in a different spot I said the words again. It disappeared and reappeared again. I started wondering if I was saying the right words. I then grabbed my pentacle and held it up in front of me and said how dare you come into the house of a child of the Most High. At that point the entity disappeared for good.

After that happened I started dreaming I was driving along a lake or river. I started seeing like pillars of energy coming from a hole in the sky going down in the water. There were a few of them meters apart from each other. I felt in my spirit that the Most High is about to come. I took a picture of it because I was trying to call my aunt but couldn’t. I was still faintly hearing brother Seer talking. Physically I was still listening his video. My husband then called her and he got through so I warned her to get ready. After I saw 2 women dressed for an event like a wedding. One was talking loud for all to hear saying “in the Talmud Christ said but I don’t remember what it was. I followed her where I saw a man dressed as a prince sitting on my right on the left side was a woman dressed in a white wedding gown. She was surrounded by her bridesmaids and a guy was behind her talking about his experience on his wedding day. Then I woke up. Not sure exactly what the message is but in my spirit I know our Father is here with us.

On Thursday March 31st, I dreamt I saw 3 audio posted on Big Levi channel and it was a warning for the nation. It showed that it was posted 17 hours ago. I can’t remember the message but I woke up with the feeling that it was serious.

This morning April 1st, I dreamt I was in a park or field and lots of people were there. Everyone was looking up in the sky. when I looked up the clouds were rolling back like curtains on a stage. Then I woke up. 

Please feel free to share with the nation if you wish to. Shalom and peace be with you. All praises to Most High May our King reign forever!🙌🏼 -Shalom, Sis Tianna

23 March 2022

Shalom Beloved Bro. Devin,

Just want to share something with The Nation.  Last week I wast communicating with my Mom and a very dear friend of mine who is a Beloved Sis of The Nation.  As we are growing in the revelation knowledge of The Almighty and learning about various things that were hidden in plain sight,  I was drawn to want to take a look at old record covers of the well-known musical group Earth Wind and Fire aka The Elements.   I remember as a child,  my Mom would buy their records/albums and I was totally fascinated at their record covers and didn’t understand why back then.  I decided to take a trip back down memory lane to look at their record covers and now that I no longer have the Christianized spiritual cataracts on my eyes, what I saw spoke volumes to me when I went on my search.  I’ve included some to share and Nation,  I would love to hear feedback on what my Celestial Siblings think of these images now.

Much Love and Much Shalom 💫💜 -Cilla M

20 March 2022

My name is Cassandra. I have had many dreams that I would like to share with the nation. I would like to share this reoccurring dream today.

I have dreamed of having my car stolen for the last 30 years . When it first started, I would dream of my
current car being stolen. Now I dream that I buy a new car and as soon as I leave it unattended someone comes along and stills it. Sometimes they take off all the parts and leave the frame of the car but most of the time the car is missing.

I’m not sure what it means but last night I was praying and thanking TMH for the new year. I felt my spirit rejoice within my body as I prayed. The only dream I remember from last night is of someone stilling my car. I reported it to the authorities for the first time because I felt they were taking my blessings. I asked TMH for blessings the night before and I felt through the dream someone was there to take them as soon as I received them.

I would like to hear the Nations thoughts on it.

All Praises and Glory to The Most High & Shalom Beloved Big Bro Big Levi and The Nation! On Thursday, March 17, 2022 aka the gentiles St. Patrick’s Day, my mother and I were on our way coming from an appointment.  We came to an very busy well known intersection on the ley line in Boston MA’s medical district, where there was an auto accident amongst 2 gentiles and diagonally across from where the accident occurred lies a very large Jewish temple named Meeting House Temple Israel (as I like to call them sin-a-gogs of satan).  I’ve included a very short video and 2 photos. Much Love and Much Shalom,

Cilla M

14 March 2022

Woke up around 2:00 am, couldn’t go back to sleep. Laid there for a while, then I felt a surge of energy in my mind and with it I heard and saw the phrase, The Okay. I asked HaShem what does that mean, He hasn’t gotten back to me yet. So, I’m sharing this with the Tribe. Anyone else couldn’t sleep and got a surge message? Thanks Shalom!!

13 March 2022

I went outside today at 2pm to meditate as was suggested last night. I live in Massachusetts on the South Shore, and I’m excited about what happened. It’s 36° out and with the wind blowing it feels like 27° and the wind is blowing something fierce. The apartment complex that I live has a soccer field across from it up a little hill. I got in my car and drove to the soccer field. I got out of the car and walked to the end of the soccer field not to be disturbed by people and their pets. 

Seeing that I never meditated before I went on YouTube and typed the OM chant and clicked on the first one and chanted for 22 minutes. The sky was clear with a few wispy white clouds and the sun was shining directly on me. So I closed my eyes and slighlty tilted my head up with the sun beaming directly on my face and I immediately started seeing the colors of yellow which went from light to a little dark yellow. With my eyes still closed, I straightened my head and the color went from yellow to orange to red to a red-orange while I’m doing the OM chant. 

But that wasn’t the cool thing that happened! Straight in front of me is a wide area of dead grass and bushes. With my head straight, I slowly opened my eyes and the area turned a light blue! The longer I stared at the area of dead grass and bushes the blue was still light but it became a deeper light blue! I closed my eyes and open them and the area I was focused on went it’s normal lifeless color. I didn’t believe it at first, so I did it 2 more times and it happened again! The third time I experienced kinda like weird experience. It was like where I was standing looking at the bushes and grass chanting wasn’t here on earth but I know I was on earth. It only happened when I saw the blue color with my eyes open the third time. 

The good thing was, I wasn’t interrupted by any pets or people. But I hurried back to my car because the wind started to pick up even more. I thanked and praised TMH for that little bit of experience. And I’m excited by what he showed me and can’t wait to see what’s next! Peace & Blessings Nation!

Shalom Big Levi, Renee.

11 March 2022

APTTMH Big Levi 🙏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🌞🪴💃🏽

   My daughter was driving home from dropping  off a friend who was visiting her.  She had picked her friend up from her home earlier that evening…which is only 7 minutes away from where my daughter lives because her friend was in a domestic dispute with her husband.  

  As my daughter was driving back home at 1:00am in the morning a guy driving a van hit her from behind and her car started flipping over.., my daughter said it flipped several times like 3 to 4 times or more.  My daughter said her body was tumbling around in her car like she was inside a wash machine or a dryer. 

   My daughter said the guy who hit her in the van tried to flee from the scene.., but he couldn’t  drive away because my daughters car was stuck to his van due to the harshness of the impact.  So when he tried to drive away from the scene his van was dragging my daughters car while she was in car hanging upside down.., then he just gave up.., jumped out of his van and ran away from the scene. 

    My daughter said this van just came from out of nowhere. She said: as her car was flipping and spinning she was screaming and crying out loud to the father.  She told me (mom my father kept me.., I’m not supposed to be alive). 

    My daughter found a way to climb out of her car all by herself. Everything in her car was totally destroyed.., even the baby’s car seat. APTTMH my grandson was not in the car with her.  

    There was a young woman who saw the whole crash from beginning to end who aided my daughter. Then another lady who (heard) the crash also came to my daughters aide.., but altogether there was a total of 6 women of color who came to my daughters aide (3 Hispanic women and 3 sistahs).  There was 1 man who came to see but he just looked and drove away.  

     My daughter has no broken bones and no internal bleeding.., only a small scratch on her leg and a little bump on her head…and of course her body is soar from tumbling in the car…but she’s home. She only spent 12 hrs in the hospital for test scans and evaluations.  

     Last but not least (the paramedics arrived but they drove off and left my daughter at the scene of the crash. The hospital told her to have them investigated. 

     Today she continues to cry and thank the the father for her life because she says she should be dead.  She said nothing matters when your life pass before you. My sons girlfriend and her brother are Insurance Adjuster and claim specialist.., both of them told my daughter she is lucky to be alive because most people die in accidents like hers.., this is considered a real bad accident where there is loss of life.., but my daughter came out of it with a scratch!!

APTTMH 🙏🏽🔥🪴👏🏽💃🏽💯💜🕎


  1. Good afternoon family brother Carlson here giving a persecution testimony Soo I was at school and I got Jumped by my entire class it was 12 students all of them stumping me,kicking me and punching me in the face and it felt like other kids joined them and started kicking me so as I was getting beaten by this crowd of people my mind was crying out too Yah and I got sent home early and not 1 drop of my blood was spilled neither was I in any pain it was like I didn’t get touched at all💯💯👍🏿👍🏿 APTTMH🙌🏿🙌🏿

  2. Cliff Michael Israel..

    Shalom Big Levi, and Family. I’m just not figuring everything out. Even though I been getting messages, i had no idea what they meant or anything. Since I been following this channel I now do.

    June 21 2022 I was shopping a Dollar Tree and Gentile woman accused me of stealing and assaulting her. She wanted to banned me from the store because she hates seeing me there. The cameras of the store recorded everything..Yet they hid that. June 28th I went to court and they wanted me to take a plea deal, I denied it. So they added a Robbery charge. August 23 i went back to court and they dismissed the Gentile girls claims and dismissed the case. Now all I’m still dealing with is the added charge for not taking plea deal. APTTMHY.

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